Golf As A Great Business Tool: Find Out Why

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What’s your favorite business tool? I’d venture to guess that many business people would go with a piece of software that makes life and business easier and more convenient. Understandable!

My choice, however, may be somewhat odd. It’s golf. Yes, the sport. And yes, I’ve used it in business over many years, and it’s been the catalyst to some of my biggest business deals.

Wondering how to use golf as a great business tool? Let me explain my reasoning behind using this excellent game as a way to give me a business boost. 

Golf Cultivates Creative Problem Solving 

Problem-solving is a crucial part of the business. To be a great business person, your problem-solving skills must be above average. 

The good news is that problem-solving can be learned! And golf is an excellent way to practice your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

The mechanism of golf may be straightforward. Hit the ball into the hole with the club. But in practice, it’s much more complicated. 

You need to account for the wind, the air pressure, any hazards that happen to be between you and the hole, and exactly what type of shot you need to play. 

And you have to do that on every single shot, across 9 or 18 holes. If you can’t think out of the box, you’ll never be a good golfer… Or a good business person. 

Builds A Risk/Reward Mindset 

On some golf holes, there’s a huge element of risk and reward. Do you play it safe down the side of the fairway and take a long way around for a par, or do you go for the carry over the water hazard?

Risk is real in both the golf world and the business world. So is the reward. But very often, you need to take one to experience the other.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the long route to the hole and landing a solid par. But what if you could knock 2 or 3 shots off your score just by taking the chance of going over the lake? 

When you play golf often, you build a great risk/reward mindset that can benefit you in business too. After all, if you never take the risk in business, you’re highly unlikely to get the big deals… The ones that set you apart from other business people. 

Golf Gets You Away From the Screen 

To be a highly successful business person, you need to work hard. But to be a successful and well-balanced business person, you still need moments of rest, relaxation, and distance from work. 

Golf is a superb way to get away from the screens, away from emails, phone calls, and invoices, and spend some time in the quiet of nature recharging your batteries. 

There are plenty of benefits to spending time in nature, including reduced anxiety and depression levels, a stronger immune system, and boosted cognitive functions. All of these ultimately help you to be a better business person at the end of the day. 

And the beauty is, while you’re “getting away” from work and enjoying yourself on the putting green or full course, you’re training your mind to be better at business. 

Business Deals Are Made on the Golf Course! 

Business people and leaders don’t always want to be sitting around a stuffy boardroom in a suit and tie, listening to someone jabber on about something business-related. Those potential clients are people too, with feelings and hobbies. 

There’s a reason business deals go down so well on the golf course. It’s away from the office environment, it’s a neutral setting, and the wind in your hair, fresh air, and light exercise help to facilitate honest conversation and clear thinking. 

Even if you aren’t sure if your next prospect will be a golfer or not, it always pays to have some on-course experience in case the opportunity arises for a meeting on the golf course! 


If you already love playing a round every week, use golf as a great business tool to boost your problem-solving skills and toughen up your risk/reward mindset. If you aren’t yet taking advantage of all the benefits of golf, now may be the time!


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