Garage Door Repair Tips

Today, sectional garage doors are one of the most common options. This is due to their versatility, ease of use, and excellent performance. But even the best-made and installed garage doors can fail over time.

In this case, you have two options — either to contact a specialized fix garage doors CA service provider such as or fix them yourself. In this review, we will talk about the most common types of breakdowns and signs that repairs are needed.

Garage Door Repair Tips

Types of Breakdowns and Their Signs

Garage doors have a fairly complex design, including numerous mechanical and electronic elements. Despite this, some breakdowns can be fixed by hand. Here are the most common types of breakdowns and their “symptoms”:

  • The gate leaf is stuck. Such breakdowns occur if the gate leaf itself or the guides are deformed and the torsion springs are too tight. To solve this problem, sometimes you only need to adjust the spring tension. There are times when it is necessary to replace the hinges or rollers.
  • Noise during gate movement. Such symptoms indicate contamination or wear of the moving part (rollers, hinges). To fix this problem, it is necessary to clean and oil the moving parts.
  • Broken torsion spring or cable. Most often, worn springs break, they can also unwind, which leads to a weakening of the gate tension. In case of minor damage or stretch marks, you can rewind the spring. In other cases, you need to replace the part.
  • Malfunction of the gearbox, shaft, etc. These parts are not repairable, failure requires replacement with new ones.
  • Guide deformation. Basically, rotary guides are subject to breakage and deformation. If the deformation is insignificant, it can be straightened. In another case, a replacement part is also needed.

Garage Door Repair Tips

Electric Drive Failures

As well as the main structural elements, automation can fail. Here is a list of the most common breakdowns of this part:

  • The movement of the drive is uneven and jerky. This type of failure occurs if the drive control unit board is configured incorrectly;
  • Incomplete opening/closing of garage doors. In such cases, the actuator limit switches need to be adjusted or replaced;
  • The gates don’t close. Most likely, the photocells are faulty, the function of which is to fix the obstacle and stop the movement of the gate leaf. Most often, such breakdowns are eliminated by replacing the photocells.
Garage Door Maintenance Recommendations

Maintenance of sectional garage doors should take place twice a year during the pre-season. Service means:

  • Oiling of the hinge axis with machine oil;
  • Checking the gate cables for damage;
  • Checking the torsion shaft for damage;
  • Checking running rollers and guides;
  • Checking the operation of the lock.

At the end of this review, it is worth noting that to avoid any problems, it is best to take care of their prevention in advance. But if a breakdown occurs, it is recommended to consult with experts in this field before repair.



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