Finding a New Home Post-Divorce

When two people come together in holy matrimony, the last thing on either of their minds on their wedding day is the possibility of everything falling apart and ending in divorce.

But if your worst nightmare becomes a reality and you get divorced, one of the things you may have to do is sell the family home. What things should you consider when downsizing your home following the breakdown and dissolution of your marriage? 

Continue reading to learn about what things to consider when downsizing your residence. 

downsizing after a divorce

Ensure Your New Space Is Big Enough for You and the Kids

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean getting a tiny apartment or one-bedroom home. If you and your ex have kids, you need to ensure that you have sufficient space at your new home for you and your kids when they’re staying with you.

“When looking for a new home, you need a place with room for the kids when they’re with you,” says Rowdy Williams, a divorce attorney in Terre Haute, IN. “If your accommodations are too small, a judge might decide it’s not sufficient for you to have the kids with you for any extended period. And that might impact the decision on how time with the kids is split between you and your ex.”

It makes sense to consult with a divorce attorney who can help you make the right decisions at a time in your life when you’ll likely be under a great deal of stress.

Ensure Your Finances Are In a Good Place

Before downsizing, you must ensure you have the finances to buy a new home. If your financial wherewithal isn’t where it should be, you need to figure out whether to buy a new home or rent accommodations for the time being and buy something in the future. But the last thing you need is to take on more financial commitments than you can reasonably shoulder. Even with the assistance of a good lawyer, a divorce is a stressful event. Don’t make things harder on yourself.

Figure Out Where You Need to Move

Divorce can be especially difficult for children — perhaps even more so than it is for the parents. So, if you need to downsize and find another home someplace else, you must find the right community. Moving from a familiar area can be particularly stressful for children. If downsizing means going to another community, maybe in another state, find one that’s a good fit. You’ll want to consider the demographics to find an area with kids in your kids’ age range, good schools, and other things that will help your children adapt and thrive in a new area.

Trim the Excess Before Moving Day

It’s also essential that you trim the excess before downsizing to a new home. If you’re relocating to a smaller space, you won’t have room for everything. Figure out what you want to take with you, what you don’t want, and what you should probably throw out. Once you find what you don’t want or need, you can hold a yard sale and sell things for cash, donate them to thrift shops, or give them away to people you know. You can throw out things that are in a poor state of repair. You’ll ultimately save money since you won’t have to pay to move as much of your stuff.

Hire the Right Moving Company

It’s also essential to find the right moving company to get you to your new home. Ask people you know for recommendations. It’ll be less stressful if you hire a professional mover rather than get family and friends to help you relocate. If you’re moving to another state, find a service provider with experience handling long-distance moves. Moving day doesn’t have to be super stressful. Ensure you hire a mover that can handle the heavy lifting and the logistics.

Are you downsizing after a divorce? As you transition to another phase of your life, there are many things to consider. If you need to downsize your home, remember the tips above. You’ll avoid much unnecessary stress if you go about things the right way.  


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