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FAVACA Organizing Panel at Sustainable Haiti Conference

MIAMI – FAVACA will be organizing a panel entitled “Post-Earthquake Haiti: The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Redevelopment” on March 18th at 9:45-10:45 am at the Sustainable Haiti Conference (www.haiticonference.com) within the Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference (www.connectionmiami.com) held at Miami Beach Convention Center March 17-19, 2010.

Featured speakers at the Sustainable Haiti Conference include Patrick Delatour from the Haitian Ministry of Tourism (invited), David Adams from PODER, Gladys Coupet from Citigroup, and Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald.

FAVACA, a Florida-based nonprofit organization with more than 28 years of international development experience, is dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship in rebuilding Haiti utilizing market-based solutions that ensure long-term, societal benefits.

FAVACA’s sponsored panel includes Dr. Robert Maguire, Trinity Washington University professor and Haiti expert; Aaron Rose, entrepreneur, business consultant, and government advisor specializing in market readiness and foreign direct investment; and Marc Roger, FAVACA’s Haiti Representative. The panelists will hold an open discussion on the best practices in fostering a favorable environment in Haiti for long-term investments while simultaneously building the capacity and wealth-generation of the population at-large.

The rebuilding effort in Haiti will take a long time and FAVACA is committed to being a part of the country’s sustainable recovery. FAVACA was formed in 1982 by then Florida Governor (former U.S. Senator) Bob Graham together with public and private leaders. FAVACA enjoys statutory authority under Section 288.0251 of Florida Statutes. FAVACA conducts training and technical assistance in education, health, agriculture, business, disaster mitigation, environmental preservation and capacity building.

For further information on FAVACA and how to get involved, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.favaca.org.

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