Essential Equipment Needed to Become an Excellent Fisherman

Essential Equipment Needed to Become  an Excellent Fisherman

Fishing is a great activity that comes with a plethora of benefits and delicious dinner is just one of them. It is a wondrous way to spend time with friends and run away from the crazy busy city life, enjoying a relaxing weekend. If you’re plotting to become a successful angler but do not know where to start, the best thing you can do is to assemble your tackle box and learn from your more experienced buddies.

Shopping for fishing gear doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming for a newbie, but it’s of utmost importance to focus on stuff that really matters rather than waste time and money on buying things you will likely never use. Therefore check out our list of essential equipment needed to become an excellent fisherman and good luck! Or should we just say tight lines?

Fishing Rod and Reel

Do not be confused by a myriad of different rods and reels created with various fishing styles in mind. As a beginner, you need an option that caters to your needs and doesn’t cost a fortune, hence look for a medium-strength responsive rod that gives you the ability to catch bass and other species commonly found in lakes and rivers. Speaking of a fishing reel,  spinning reels are your sure bet as the best spinning reel for bass will serve well in any circumstances, providing for equally great performances regardless of whether you are fishing at a pier or from a shore or a boat. Quality spinning reels are versatile, lightweight, and easy to handle, plus, they are affordable. Advanced versions may comprise such awesome features as smooth retrieve, maneuverability, and reliable operation.

Fishing Line

When shopping for a fishing line, you will come across products that are made of different materials and come in a range of diameters. The latter is easy – the larger the diameter, the stronger the line. When it comes to material, it’s a good idea to opt for monofilament lines as they are truly user-friendly and easy to knot. In addition to that, they tend to keep afloat and stretch. Always bring extra rolls with you as there is nothing worse than running out of the line right in the middle of the action.


Essential Equipment Needed to Become  an Excellent Fisherman

While hooks come in different types and can be single or double, circle, treble, at the very outset of your exciting journey make sure to stick with a single option and look for those hooks that are not snelled. The palette of sizes is very rich too, starting from #32 which is the smallest and going up to the largest #19. Hooks are something you will have to stock up in order to be able to catch fish of different sizes.


Nothing compares to live bait and worms and minnows are the best treat you can get. The cool thing is that you do not even have to pay for it, you can just dig the worms up in your backyard. Alternatively, head down to your local shop and look for fresh worms, they surely have them in abundance.

As you can see, you do not need a lot of expensive stuff to become an excellent angler. With this set of basic gear, you are off for the flying start – master your skills, enjoy nature, and have fun with your friends. Tight lines!


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