Former Haitian Consul, Edwin Paraison, says foreign sectors allow weapons from the U.S. to reach Haiti

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – Edwin Paraison, a former Haitian Consul in the Dominican Republic, assured us that gun trafficking from the United States coast to Haiti is a business that a sector of the foreign community is doing to allow gangs to operate in that nation.

Paraison was Interviewed on the program Más Cerca which is broadcast on La Rocka 91.7 FM and YouTube under the leadership of Anibelca Rosario, Hansel García, Marisol Mendoza, and Vicente Bengoa, he explained that the confederation of gangs is in charge of one of the leaders of armed gangs, and it is the Haitian people who are paying with the consequences.

Hon. Edwin Paraison

“A sector of the foreign community has been incomprehensibly tolerating that the weapons that Haiti does not manufacture, the ammunition that Haiti does not manufacture, can reach national territory, through the ports of the United States,” said Paraison.

He added that part of that international community has erred with the creation of a confederation of gangs, called G-9, and others, thinking that this will allow the authorities to have greater control over these armed gangs.

He also revealed that from a population point of view, Haiti basically surpasses the level of kidnappings of other countries, which have had high crime rates by gangs. “It is one of the countries where the most kidnappings have been recorded. That is to say that Haiti basically surpasses countries like Mexico, countries like El Salvador, and Honduras and this is extremely worrying”

He indicates that kidnappings in Haiti have a pattern and that a violent outcome rarely occurs while admitting that there are areas under the absolute control of criminals.

Werley Nortreus, a Haitian politician and candidate commented on what the former Haitian Consul in the DR said about foreign sectors allowing guns to enter Haiti to cause chaos and crimes across the areas.

“I think the former Haitian Consul in the DR, Edwin Paraison told the right things because Haiti does not make weapons. I also think that there are sectors in the United States that are trafficking weapons to reach out to gangs in Haiti to commit violence against the population. As I am new in Haitian politics, if one day I am elected to power in Haiti, I will take control of all ports so that illegal weapons do not enter Haiti. I will also talk about the Montana Accord, I do not believe that the Montana Accord is the right solution for the country. I think a new constitution that allows 25 years old and older candidates to run for office in the three branches of Government, with security in the country and a fair general election are the right solutions for Haiti”, said Werley about Paraison’s comments.

According to the interview, the former Haitian Consul in the Dominican Republic commented on Haiti and how U.S. foreigners are allowing guns to enter Haiti to cause violence.

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