Dr. Myles Munroe’s Mentee, Commissioner Denise D. Grant, Runs for Mayor of Lauderhill

LAUDERHILL – In an inspiring tale of mentorship and purpose, Commissioner Denise D. Grant, a long time protégée of the late Dr. Myles Munroe, is seeking to become the next Mayor of Lauderhill, Florida. This development marks a significant milestone in the life of Commissioner Grant. She credits Dr. Munroe’s teachings with transforming her perspective on purpose and leadership.

At just 12 years old, Commissioner Grant was introduced to Dr. Munroe’s life-changing principles, which emphasized understanding one’s purpose and maximizing potential. This encounter had a profound impact on her life, shaping her thoughts and actions in the years that followed. Under the guidance of Dr. Pepe Ramnant, a close friend and associate of Dr. Munroe, Commissioner Grant nurtured a deep friendship with the renowned pastor and author.

Lauderhill Commissioner Denise D. Grant a Mentee of Bahamian Dr. Myles Munroe Runs for Mayor
Commissioner Denise D. Grant

Commissioner Grant’s political career has been marked by impressive victories, including two landslide wins in Lauderhill with an overwhelming 84% of the vote. Her dedication to public service and her commitment to excellence are a testament to the enduring legacy of Dr. Munroe’s teachings.

In a poignant moment, just days before his passing, Dr. Munroe encouraged Commissioner Grant to “keep stepping out in purpose” and never give up on her dreams. This exhortation has fueled her determination to lead with precision and excellence, inspiring others to embrace their purpose and fulfill their potential.

As Commissioner Grant embarks on this new chapter in her political journey, the people of Lauderhill and the Bahamas can draw inspiration from her remarkable story. Her connection to Dr. Myles Munroe serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of mentorship and purpose-driven leadership.

We wish Commissioner Denise D. Grant all the best in her mayoral bid and celebrate the enduring legacy of Dr. Myles Munroe, the purpose teacher who continues to inspire generations.


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