Do You Want To Get A Foxy Eyes Lift? Read This Before Making The Decision

Beauty trends keep on changing. As we evolve so does our taste and choices. The perception of beauty in terms of body shape and face has been revolving for ages. In this 21st-century world, where the whole society is out there in social media the rate at which the beauty trends are constantly emerging out has grown faster than ever. One of the latest trends is cat eyes or foxy eyes. People, these days are in love with foxy eyes.

Do You Want To Get A Foxy Eyes Lift?

While many celebrities and people choose to use eyeliner and makeup products to give a winged look, as it creates an illusion of Foxy eyes. Many people nowadays, also preferred to go through plastic surgery to achieve their desired look. With the Cosmetic Surgery industry becoming a very solid and technically advanced industry in the world. Modifying, altering your face, or removing any feature that you do not want is not a big deal anymore. If it fits into your budget you can look just how you dream of you.


Foxy eyes lifts are most common among people wanting to get a surgical procedure done to get foxy eyes. Under this procedure, the surgeon lifts the Corner of the eyes and bents them in an almond-shaped look. Foxy eyes also give people a more youthful appearance. And it helps to make the eyes look bigger and therefore more attractive.

There are many surgical procedures like PDO threading, temporal lift, Canthoplasty, and blepharoplasty to achieve the desirable Foxy eyes. So consulting and choosing one of the options should be your target.


Fox eyes lifting is a completely safe and painless procedure that lasts less than an hour. And gives you an appearance of Foxy eyes up to one whole year. The recovery from the surgery lasts for about two to three days. Mild discomfort like swelling and bruises can be experienced on the area surgically operated. But this Stitch-free surgery heals in no time giving you your desired look.

Foxy eyes are especially recommended to have a deep set of eyes and even to those who have slight sagging on the corner side of the eyes or have any minor asymmetry.

This extremely safe surgery using local anesthesia gives you your wonderful set of cat eyes in no time.


The cost of this surgery is not standard, cannot be fixed, because there are numerous options and ways in which this surgery is performed. But an average cost of 650 Euros can be estimated as a rough figure.

Fox eyes surgery is also a part of the anti-aging procedure because it improves the sagging around the corners of the upper eyelid. Due to some infamous celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, younger individuals have quite started following the trend of wanting to get foxy eyes. As the surgery is risk-free and effortlessly easy to endure, moreover. It heals very quickly and it hardly takes much time. It is one of the most viable options to choose from if you want foxy eyes eagerly.


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