Do You Know All Types of Vape Pens

types of vape pens

If there is one commercial market sector that is expanding faster than others it is undoubtedly the vaping market. With new brands entering the market all the time and developments in vape products and accessories, it can be difficult to keep up with the market expansion.

Why is vaping popular? The ban on tobacco smoking in public buildings and raised awareness of the medical dangers of smoking tobacco, has led to many people switching to the safer and more convenient vape pen.

What is a vape pen, and why are they so popular? A vape pen – so called because the early models were pen shaped, although not all are today – is a portable device used for vaping e-liquids, CBD, and cannabis. It is a simple device that allows the user to enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge it will not harm their health.

There are different types of vape pen, the two most common being the disposable version and the reusable example. Let’s talk about each and the see if we can decide which is best for your vaping needs.

What is a Disposable Vape Pen?

A disposable vape pen is a one-use model. These come pre-filled with liquid ready to use and can be bought in a wide variety of flavors. If you check out a Brand like Hyde, deeply engaged in the field of disposable vape pens, providing vaping users with more flavor choices you will get an idea of why these are popular choices. The disposable vape pen comes in a choice of sizes which give you various times of use. They are the most basic type of vape pen, but also the most convenient and cheapest. They are favored by people who enjoy the convenience of having a pen ready, and not having to go through the process of filling the pen and the cleaning and maintenance routine required for reusable pens. Let’s talk about the reusable pen now.

What is a Reusable Vape Pen?

The size of the vaping market across the world is simply colossal, and users of reusable vape pens make up a large proportion of the customer base. The reusable differs in that it has a detachable cartridge. The user puts the substance they want to vape into this and can do so time and time again.

This type of vape pen is generally more expensive than the disposable and can be more sophisticated. For example, some feature changeable voltage which enables the user to find a specific strength and taste that they prefer. Such customization is welcomed by users and adds to the appeal of this type of pen.

There are also vape pens that are specific to wax concentrate – a potent form of cannabis – as well as those that can be used to vape dry herb, so all users are covered for every type. Some users keep a flavored disposable as a back up for when their main pen runs out of power when they are on the move.

Which is Best for Me?

This depends on how you enjoy your vape and what sort of substance you like to use. For cannabis users, the disposable is not an option. However, if you enjoy vaping liquids in a wide choice of flavors, then it may be the way to go. The disposable pen finds favor where convenience is to the fore, whereas the refillable example is more for the experienced vaper who wants to get the best out of their pastime. Whichever you choose, enjoy your vaping, and check out the sheer range of flavors you can choose to vape.


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