Diverse Lawyers Website Launched To Create A New Global Community For Legal Professionals

BENTONVILLE, AR – The global legal community has a new platform to gather, meet and interact today. (DL) has been launched to enhance relationships and promote diversity, inclusion, and recognition among legal professionals.

The site’s core value proposition is designed to help members evolve through the use of a dedicated professional network using state of the art digital social interaction tools. provides a place on the internet to share professional experiences and build relationships, while overcoming limitations of time and space. is Designed to Enhance Relationships and Promote Diversity Within the Legal Community

The site’s capabilities include the ability for users to create and post a unique user profile along with a public interactive feature which allows prompt and immediate free flowing exchange of ideas, documents, videos, etc. The DL platform also provides channels for private conversations, to build relationships amongst legal experts, lawyers, legal professional, and law students.

In an effort to organize all the legal wisdom shared in the portal, it has been equipped with customized search functionality and efficient linking technology to make it a comprehensive networking experience. The library page will allow for publishing and storage of unique rich content. The U-Tube style video wall will feature professional and user generated content.

The site will also feature world-class Continuing Legal Education from some of the most respected legal experts in the country. was founded by James C. Dockery, a prominent attorney and recognized leader in diversity management. According to Dockery, “I launched this site so that diverse members of the legal community can create, connect and collaborate. No longer are you required to attend a conference to build relationships. Now you can do so from your office or the comfort of your home.”

Unlike other professional networking sites, DL contains news and sports information that is available to everyone. If a visitor wants information about a bar association in the Caribbean, China, California or elsewhere, the information is available with the click of a mouse.

The site is expected to become a significant new tool in career enhancement. Interested users are invited to visit and register at

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