Digital interactive map: Solution to Caribbean’s tourism woes

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Trinidad & Tobago is among other Caribbean countries experiencing a sharp decline in visitors to its shores as a result of the global financial situation.

This trend is expected to continue as the world’s economies’ grapple to find viable solutions to their economic dilemmas. With continuous reports from the region of low room occupancy that threatens sustainable development there is a regional call, as a collection front, to formulate combative solutions to keep the tourism industry buoyant.

Locally, the Minister of Tourism and Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Secretary of Tourism, have called for more creative ways to entice tourists to our twin isle. The Trinidad & Tobago interactive map presents itself as a solution guaranteed to woo visitors to the region once again.

This digital interactive map is part of series of digital interactive maps of Caribbean islands.

The map is both a marketing and advertising tool as it markets the specific Caribbean island by providing geographical, cultural and leisure information through pictures that capture the exquisite flora and fauna exclusive to each island.

The map is designed specifically to transport an advertiser’s message in a modern interactive format that allows stakeholders in the tourism sector the opportunity to market and advertise directly to their audience. A visitor to the island that receives an interactive map can explore everything Trinidad & Tobago has to offer by knowing where to stay, where to dine, how to get around and where to be entertained.

A company’s message will be in a very mobile format where messages can be hyperlinked to the company’s website, thereby giving users the opportunity to explore in greater detail a company’s services. This is something that traditional paper maps cannot do. The digital interactive map levels the playing field between small and lager businesses. This map enables the small business person to advertise at the same cost of the lager businesses.

According to Forbes the effect of digital interaction is found to be more compelling and brain stimulating and this forces the viewer to make quicker decisions. Forbes further stated that 90% of persons receiving a CD or DVD are compelled to look at it as soon as possible. A further 72% of persons viewing presentations make a decision while viewing it and this was the basis of Forbes endorsing new marketing media of digital interactive advertising.

The map runs on digital technology which is made possible by the expert use of flash. Flash is a web based technology that is the base of all web interactivity such as animated graphics and the delivering and viewing of online video.

In Trinidad & Tobago Urban Communications Consultancy has the exclusive marketing license for the interactive map of Trinidad & Tobago while other indigenous companies retain rights of maps of their respective island.

Urban Communications Consultancy offers publicity and marketing strategies designed to create maximum exposure by informing, inspiring and engaging audiences through interactive modern communication solutions. UCC’s office in Trinidad is located in Diego Martin.

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