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Diaspora Encourage To Register In Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project

Washington, DC – Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Ralph Thomas has called on the members of the Diaspora to register in the ongoing “Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project”, which was officially launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in June last year.

The Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project, which is being undertaken in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), aims to ascertain the location, skills, expertise and interests of Jamaicans across the globe.

Why Register In Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project?

In an interview with JIS News the Ambassador said, “I wish to see every member of the Diaspora, in the shortest time possible, register and be included in that database, so that we can know who they are, where they are and what they do. This is a quick way of engaging the Diaspora as it would contribute to a more enriching relationship.”  To learn more about the Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora project and to register register, visit

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Ralph Thomas Photo Credit: Derrick A. Scott
Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Ralph Thomas

Photo Credit: Derrick A. Scott

The Ambassador added he would be meeting with individuals and Diaspora groups throughout the United States to emphasize how important the Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora project program is and to personally encourage them to get involved.

Turning to the OAS, to which Ambassador Thomas is Jamaica’s Permanent Representative  added that it is an important forum for collaboration and cooperation between and among nations in our Hemisphere and it should continue to work to ensure that the region remains stable and to advance economic development.

​Ambassador Thomas describes his recent meeting with President Obama at the White House as historical.

‘It marks the beginning of a new era of engagement with the United States and with the Diaspora. I believe that the relationship between America and Jamaica is well positioned for better engagement and advancement of particular issues that affect our development,” he said.

He added that President Obama expressed his support for many of the issues that Jamaicans care about. There will be further discussions with the related areas of government that allows us to access different programmes that are being discussed at the highest level.

“Coming to this new post from another assignment gives me a broader perspective of the world situation and I am also attuned to Jamaica’s present developmental needs,” the Ambassador said.



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