Deck the Halls for Jamie Lober

Deck the Halls for Jamie Lober

[DEERFIELD BEACH] – Write Jingle Jazz with Jamie Christmas Spectacular on your calendar for Saturday, December 26, 2020 at 2pm.

The magnificent Royal Fiesta Event Center in Deerfield Beach will be hosting piano sensation Jamie Lober as she plays holiday classics with a jazzy, beautiful, often swinging feel like only she can.

“When I first saw the room and the piano I had an instant vision that I was going to turn it into a winter wonderland with sounds of the season,” said Lober.  She went on to explain that everything about the venue spoke to her including the staff that just understood both her and her artistry.

Jamie is a box office hit making this complimentary show a rare opportunity but something she feels people deserve in a difficult year like 2020.  When the going gets tough in Jamie’s life she chooses to sing.

“My mother said to sing loud and be confident and people will love me and I live by those words,” said Lober.  Coming out to one of her pure vocal performances that she refers to as her “razzle dazzle” shows where she showers audiences with a stage of pink and glitter is an experience in a class of its own.

Jamie has a deep uplifting voice and has been compared to star power Janis Joplin.  Her sound is soulful, passionate and high energy.  She has an aptitude for creating an intimate feel regardless of how packed the venue may be and audience interaction comes naturally for her.  “I always carry all of my favorite tracks but razzle dazzle is about how I am feeling and how it is received so it is the most disorganized of my shows but also perhaps the most fun,” said Lober.  As for whether there will be vocals at Jingle Jazz, “it is not in the plans but I am not sure I can resist doing a few,” said Lober.


You want to RSVP as soon as possible to [email protected] with your name and those in your group if you have one to guarantee admission.  Now circle the date in red.  “Red is loving, smart, powerful, a little edgy, stands out and is all about Christmas.  It is who I am,” said Lober.

This does not mean Lober’s whole life has been holly and jolly.  Having lost the two people closest to her including her best friend and partner in planning the show, Jingle Jazz will take on extra meaning this year.

“My mother got me a cushion for the [piano] bench that says Joy to the World and that is what the music is about for us; it is the way we share our joy with others,” said Lober.

Royal Fiesta Event Center will be hosting this special performance every year so Lober has a space to spread holiday cheer and represent her mother who was the definition of Christmas.

“My mother was about family, friends, home-cooked meals, music, traditions, giving, making a difference, believing in miracles and finding something to be both happy about and grateful for every day,” said Lober.

As for what Lober is most grateful for, she cited love and music.  “When you lose the most important person in your life but find your boyfriend gluing glitter letters and your best friends buying you stuffed animals, lights and ribbons for stages you know you are still a lucky girl,” said Lober.  Watching her music bring people together in a nurturing, inclusive environment and positively affect wellbeing has been one of her greatest sources of joy.  Lober recalled a picture her mother took at a Valentine’s Day performance of a divorced couple cuddled up in a booth as they listened to her smooth romantic sound.  “I love good love songs so much that sometimes I have to be reminded that not everyone is in love but I incorporate a little bit of everything,” said Lober.

It all began at age 5 with Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music and later came the glamorous stage presence and diverse repertoire covering all decades and genres.   “I was born to perform; it lets my free spirit, happiness and creativity soar,” said Lober.

Lober’s brand Music From The Heart 305 keeps her in a league of her own with customized set lists with her favorite standards, jazz, Broadway, pop/rock and more in a memorable style.

Making a set is like making a new autobiography every time; if I don’t like it I don’t play it and all of the music speaks to me,” said Lober.  After seeing the sparkle and passion of a show and hearing the heartfelt wishes and messaging of the music you will surely want to come back for more.  “I look forward to seeing repeat fans at Jingle Jazz as this is going to be an annual tradition where others can spend the most wonderful time of year with me and experience new fun versions of their favorite songs all while overlooking the intercostal,” said Lober.

Lober has been touching stages and receiving applause at restaurants, bars, theaters and concert halls across South Florida for years and even COVID-19 has not gotten her spirits down.  “Sure we take precautions but music is more necessary than ever before,” said Lober.  As far as the accolades she receives for her talent, Lober takes it in stride.  “My parents always told me I was a star.  It is just that the rest of the world did not know it yet,” said Lober.


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