Daughter Of Reggae Veteran Denroy Morgan, Una Is Set to Release Album

By: Brittany Somerset

NEW YORK – As the daughter of reggae veteran Denroy Morgan, chanteuse Una and her siblings were guided, similarly to the Jackson 5 (albeit without the abuse) onto a musical path at a young age. The Morgan clan’s father encouraged his children to explore and develop their talents, and helped Una to discover her many gifts. As a vocalist, songwriter, and keyboardist, Una’s integral contribution to iconic family group Morgan Heritage helped propel her and her siblings to worldwide acclaim.

Raised in multiple environments, from the gritty streets of Brooklyn to the suburbs of Springfield, Massachusetts, this helped to influence Una’s eclectic musical style. While she remains connected to her roots reggae background, Una has never been afraid to venture in new directions with her sound. Influenced by vocalists such as Grace Jones, Sade, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys, she describes her sound as “reggae soul,” a mix between reggae, pop, R&B, and hip-hop.

In early 2010, Una is set to release her debut album Just Me, her first endeavor as a solo artist. The album features input from big name producers and writers, such as Don Corleone, Stephon MacGregor, and Jimmy Cozier. “Just Me is about life experiences, some good, some bad, but it’s really just about me making good inspirational music that makes people want to move,” she says.

Una Morgan

Una ensures her fans that her solo venture is not signaling the breakup of Morgan Heritage, who recently headlined International Night at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica. “We always knew that we would build as a group, use that foundation to take things to the next level, and then come back to the family.” You can even find some more Morgans on the credits, with brothers Mr. Mojo and Gramps assisting in mixing and production, a true testament to the strong bond that keeps their family together.

Una Morgan has undoubtedly been blessed, but don’t be fooled; Miss Morgan has not let her accomplishments go to her head. She remains humble and has made it her personal mission to use her celebrity, as well as her music, to champion issues such as health, weight management, self-esteem, and other issues plaguing women around the world. “I’m very concerned that many women today are doing things to please everyone else. We need to work on being one with the Creator first, and I hope my music can inspire women to do that.”

Check out Una’s first single, Fight, from her debut album.


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