Danger Zone and SoBe Records – Unifying the world through music

MIAMI – Representing Jamaica music culture on the international stage for just under a decade, Danger Zone Music Group is among the few highly successful companies that have been true ambassadors for its country on the world stage. And with its lifetime partnership with international label SoBe Records, together they have taken to the four corners of the world the full cultural gamut of Jamaica.

Working with a versatile range of artistes that are at the top of their game in their chosen genre, Danger Zone represents the multi-talented and sexy Cecile, the cultural icon Jah Cure, the living legend Junior Reid, the vibesy Cutty Corn, dancehall’s icon Jigsy King and one of the top five sound systems today, Danger Zone. Danger Zone is also nurturing new talent and has two of the most exciting new prospects on the dancehall scene – Rass Fraser and Mickey Pelpa, both honing their skills and destined to take the reggae world by storm.

Headed by CEO Delmar ‘Della Danger’ Drummond and Edward ‘Nine’ Warren, over the years the artiste management, booking, production and promotions company has delivered countless award winning works, among them albums, singles, rhythms and events.

With operations based in Jamaica and Miami, Danger Zone has been bridging the gap between Jamaica and the rest of the world, producing crossover productions both in studio and on the stage.

The company is credited with hosting some of the biggest events in Jamaica and the US, among them the hugely successful Spring Fest in Montego Bay, Reggae Sumfest in Miami that attracted over 20,000, Caribbean Reggae Fest in Miami bringing out over 35,000, and Curefest in western Jamaica that brought out over 20,000.

While their 2007 ‘Jamdown’ riddim won the Best Reggae Compilation Album at the inaugural Reggae Academy Awards, giving Della Danger the Executive Producer’s Award. Danger Zone also premiered the ‘Payback’ riddim, which featured a good mix of 19 tracks featuring some of Jamaica’s hottest dancehall names.

For this summer, the label is concentrating on Cecile’s latest album ‘Waiting’, Jah Cure’s album ‘Universal Cure’, the exciting Journeys riddim, the singles ‘So Fly’ from Cecile and Beenie Man, ‘Waiting’ remix with Cecile and Shaggy, ‘Ride or Die’ aka ‘Gangsta Girl’ from Cecile, Jah Cure’s ‘Journey’ on the riddim of the same name and ‘Green Grass’ on Baby G’s Mission rhythm, ‘Hot Long Time’ with Jah Cure and Junior Reid and ‘Don’t Play Me Dirty’ from Junior Reid featuring US rappers Cool & Dre. Music video producer/director J. Will is in the process of producing the music videos for the tracks.

According to Della, expect more productions as the year progresses.

With a hectic calendar that keeps the company busy all year round, in addition to producing at least two events per year in Jamaica and the US, releasing two world class reggae and two exciting dancehall rhythms, at least two albums from its artistes and countless singles, the Danger Zone team also juggles several tours for the artistes. Indeed, it’s rare to find them in one place for more than a week at a time.

But Della would have it no other way. Music represents practically 100% of his life, with very little time for anything else. Wherever in the world beckons he is there, and he does so without hesitation or reservation.

“This is what I do, what I love, what gets me up in the mornings, what flows through my vein…music,” Della said. “There isn’t much in this world that’s more important to me than music. My vision is to take the culture that Jamaica has to offer in music and artform to the international level. I’m inspired by the ambassadors of music like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Shaggy, Sean Paul, you name them, who saw the vision and took the leap. I want to keep the flame burning, I want to keep making multi-platinum and Diamonds. I especially want to see the youths rise up from poverty to riches and if I can be the nucleus, then it’s only Jah works, and He has set me on a mission to do it.

“Music is life, there is unification through music, it brings people together.”

Della said he has always believed in unearthing and harvesting young talent, and for those with the potential, to channel them in the right direction. In addition, each day there are always persons in need of a helping hand and as long as God gives him the breath and the means to, he will help them as best as he can.

Speaking of the recent pressure that Jamaican music has come under on the international scene, Della says Danger Zone has not experienced any of it.

What of the view that there is a fight to tear down Jamaican music on the international scene? “Never. Once you have a Bob Marley, Jah Cure, Beres, Cecile, no one can kill reggae. Reggae has infected the world. It is one of the most popular genres anywhere in the world. It is only a handful of people fighting it, but they can’t stop it. Danger Zone’s artistes don’t sing about them because they are not worth it. We are in this to make music and sell music, not give credit to certain things. I believe that once collectively we learn to ignore it, it will go away.”

In regards to the challenges that it takes to make it in the biz, Della says it’s something he faces everyday but he has been dealing with it and, with God’s help, they always come out on top. Hence, the consistent success of the label.

Danger Zone has been working with Jah Cure long before his release from prison, always believing in his potential to take reggae to that other level. The demand for the cultural singer is overwhelming, right across the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. “Everywhere he performs has been sold out. They all love him and keep demanding more and more of him,” Della said.

The Danger Zone team is presently on a two-month European tour for Jah Cure. They will break to return to Jamaica for Reggae Sumfest in July then head back to Europe to complete the tour for the cultural artiste that is in crazy demand.

As Della puts it, Danger Zone will continue to strive to be one of the leading ambassadors for Jamaica…and that they are, indeed.

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