Culturama cancelled due to non-issuance of Travel Visa

MIAMI – Culturama 2006, scheduled for Sunday, July 30 at Coral Springs Center for the arts has been cancelled due to the non-issuance of travel visas from the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.

Despite extensive efforts by Jamaican Government officials, the visa application for the group traveling to Florida to perform at Culturama2006 this Sunday was not issued.
Word reached Jamaica Awareness late on Thursday of the non-issuance from the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, where a spokesman advised the group that due to changes in policy, their application would have to be sent to Washington for processing and would not be back in Jamaica to facilitate them traveling on Saturday for the show on Sunday.

According to Sydney Roberts of Jamaica Awareness, “This new policy is news to us, as in the past our application would not be considered no earlier than a week prior to traveling.” Roberts stated that prior in years visa application was granted days before the group depart for the United States.

Patrons holding advance tickets are asked to return them to their point of purchase for a full refund.

Culturama 2006, is a variety show featuring traditional Jamaican folk dances, drama, oratory, and musical performance and was being presented as a part of Jamaica’s Emancipation and Independence anniversary celebration in Florida by Jamaica Awareness, Inc.

For further information contact Sydney Roberts of Jamaica Awareness, Inc., at 305-519-8043

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