Congresswoman Barbara Lee Attends Sessions Confirmation in Opposition

Washington, D.C. Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee attended Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing in opposition to his nomination.

She released the following statement:

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Attends Sessions Confirmation in Opposition
Congresswoman Barbara Lee

“Today I joined my Congressional Black Caucus colleagues in sitting in on the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions to hold him accountable for his divisive record. The Justice Department is our nation’s best tool for protecting civil and human rights and preventing discrimination from consuming our society. Senator Jeff Sessions’ long career of opposing civil rights disqualifies him as a candidate for the office of Attorney General.

“Senator Sessions’ record of hate speaks for itself. This is a man who voted against the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization, opposes Roe v. Wade,  and has demonstrated hostility toward the LGBT community. In 1986, the U.S. Senate deemed him unqualified to serve as a federal judge because of his blatantly racist comments.

“With this nomination, the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress have signaled that their first priority will be to drag America back into the past. We will not stand idly by as Republicans attempt to undermine our judicial system and roll back protections for civil and human rights. Senator Jeff Sessions is wholly unfit to serve as Attorney General. I look forward to joining CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond, civil rights champion Congressman John Lewis, and Senator Cory Booker tomorrow as the conscience of the Congress stands united again in opposition to Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination.”

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