CompTIA A+ Certification Exams for Computer Technicians

Computing Technology Industry Association, known in short as CompTIA, was founded in the year 1982 and was known back then as Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD) but later changed the name to CompTIA. It is a worldwide association of independent and renowned hardware and software dealers, wholesalers, and retailers.

CompTIA A+ is a certification for screening technicians who offer services to personal computers, commonly referred to as PCs. The certificate we are talking about affirms the graduate’s potential to install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain simple networking,taking into account the latest technological advancements.

The certification exams include the following sections: security, issues concerning environment and safety, communication skills, and professional ethics. They ensure that the graduate has the relevant abilities in relation to the preferred field of operation. Despite the fact that most of the certification skills are basics known to almost all IT graduates, other specific abilities are required bythe nature of the business.In regard to this, the A+ certification gives the students freedom of choice for certain work demands and specializations. It also allows IT employers to select an appropriate exam combination according to the nature of their job.

Main features of CompTIA A+

The credential entails several Windows operating systems and hardware programs. It is standardized, what means that it is suitable for use by most dealers. The course is offered by different institutions, and the exam results are accepted by many renowned IT companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Novell, etc. The certificate is aimed at particular directions thus it covers only the most necessary areas.

Since its formation, CompTIA A+ has been revised several times, so that it does not become obsolete because technology is very dynamic. At least half a million individuals are certified through the CompTIA A+ course, as some companies require, or at least advise that their employees have this particular certificate. The completion of the course is applicable in one of the following areas: Onsite Support Technician, Help Desk Support Specialist, and Hardware Repair Technician

Importance of CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ certification creates a good starting platform for a fresh graduate in the IT sphere because the successful completion of this course will equip the individual with the required skills for the specific field of specialization. With the help of this certification, the student is able to acquire relevant and standardized knowledge for all computer hardware and software.

The qualified individuals can meet themodern requirements as the curriculum is revised to fit the dynamics of technology. CompTIA A+ gives the qualified individuals a chance to support and strengthen their gained skills while preparingfor other relevant certificates.

The credential is quite well-known therefore it offers the holders a better place on the job market and puts them highly in demand by many renowned companies, including some from the Fortune 500 corporations.

Some facts about CompTIA A+

In the past, one was required to be certified just once however starting from the year 2011, the certificate holders are supposed to renew their credentials every three years. In order to do that, the qualified individuals have to pay for the exam once again to keep their status.

The exam may include questions of different types, but usually they are multiple-choice ones with one right answer. The certificate can be attained by anyone, but it is advised that the test takershave practical experience in the field of technical IT serviceof at least half a year.

Currently, the CompTIA A+ certificate remains the only renowned hardware certification program that is not designed towards the specific needs of one particular company. A wide range of employers are greatly interested in recruiting the A+ certificate holders with practical experience in different areas.

Besides the CompTIA A+ certification, the company also provides other credentials, for example, the Certified Document Imaging Architect certification, abbreviated as CDIA+, and the certificate for network issues, known as Network+. All its certifications are majorly standard and more general than those provided by other vendorslike Microsoft MCSE or NovellCNE.

Several years ago, the company provided a Macintosh module and offered a certification for installing and managing Apple computer systems. But as of now, the module has been withdrawn, and one can get the hardware certification for Macintosh provided only by Apple itself.

How to attain the CompTIA A+ certification?

There are four steps that one is required to take in order to earn this credential:

  1. Select the area, in which you want to be certified,and set your own goals. The CompTIA Career Roadmap may be of great help as it will take you through various career paths and expected salaries. This document helps the candidates decide what job areas suit them.
  2. Begin to learn and train yourself. The CompTIA A+ candidates may explore various available options that will equip them with the knowledge for passing the exam.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the exam by learning its aim and downloading CompTIA A+ practice test available online. Even though they may not be very similar to the real exam, they will prepare one for what to expect from it.
  4. Finally, register for the test. You can purchase a voucher and visit a specialized center where you can sit the exam.

After successfully passing the test, one will be awarded with the credential and join the numerous group of the CompTIA A+ certificate holders.


The CompTIA A+ certification is a good way to measure the competence level of IT technicians in accordance with the dynamic nature of this sphere. Constant updates make the test more relevant. The fact that the exam is standard offers all applicants fair chances on the job market. The CompTIA A+ credential is also diverse, and this creates a wider scope of job opportunities to the certificate holders when compared to other IT certificates.

The steps one needs to take to become a certified specialist are clear and straightforward therefore you can start preparing for the exam right away.

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