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Community Blog: Who The Heck is Joe The Plumber? (The Debates)

By: Pat White

FT. LAUDERDALE – During the third Presidential debate held at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York on October 15th, Senator McCain grabbed onto Joe the Plumber’s coat tail and held on for dear life. He held on to Joe the Plumber’s coat like his life depended on it.

If I were an artist, I would draw a cartoon with Senator McCain in a house that is flooded and him calling out to Joe (The Plumber) to come save him.

Wow, you would think Joe was running for the Presidency.

Again, this is where Senator McCain is out of touch with middle class America. Joe the Plumber does not represent middle class if he can buy the business he is working for and potentially make $250,000 or more per year. Many would like to be in Joe’s boots!! Joe the Plumber was brought up during the debate so many times – when they talked about taxes, when they talked about balancing the budget and when they talked about health care.

McCain’s economic plan (if one can say he has one) is not focused on the middle class and during the last two debates, he rarely even mentioned the middle class – so Joe the Plumber was his best bet. Unfortunately, most people that fit into the middle class cannot even dream about buying the business they work for, so unfortunately for Senator McCain, he again missed the mark.

Earlier this month there was a debate between the Vice Presidential nominees, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. Many Republicans sighed a sigh of relief that Governor Palin did not make a major blunder.

This calls to the question – do you want a Vice President that you have to cross your fingers toes and legs every time she enters the room, and hope and pray she does not embarrass you or herself? What kind of confidence is that? This is your pick for the running mate for the top guy for your Party and you have to walk around egg shells around her? Every time she opens her mouth you have to say a prayer? I’m sorry, but not making a major mistake is not good enough! The bar should be set much higher.

About the candidates’ over-all demeanor – While Senator Obama seems to display a stoic and calm composure, Senator McCain had moments where he seemed uncomfortable, especially when he displayed that silly, plastic grin (or grimace.) Senator McCain blinks a little too much and Governor Palin winks a little too much. Too many blinks and winks seem to have sinister undertones. Of course, Senator Biden has been doing this too long to come unraveled.

Chime in on your thoughts about the debates.
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