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Community Blog: Michael Jackson – A Simple Complexity

By Pat White

MIAMI – I’m sure most would agree that Michael Jackson is a hard one to figure out. Many questions and bewilderment bounces of the reflection of the man in the mirror. The biggest question being, “what is the reason behind his physical transformation?” The result of a rare skin decease or plastic surgery and bleaching of the skin? Plastic surgery on the nose is obvious, but Jackson insists that the skin coloration or lack thereof is a result of a rare skin decease.

It appears as if he was obsessed with being white. Even though, through his words he insisted that he loved being black, his actions were contrary. The people he loved and admired most (apart from family, I would imagine,) are white – Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Presley, Brooke Shields. Yes, he may have loved Diana Ross and others, but his verbal admiration for the former three was more intense and worship-like. This, coupled with the report that he wanted his children to have blond hair and blue eyes, seems to suggest that he was infatuated with white features.

Michael Jackson

After being reminded of Jackson’s enormous talent and learning more about his humanitarian side, it occurred to me that if indeed his children do not share his DNA, it would be sad that such a wonderful make up of a person would not be carried on in an offspring. Not to say talent cannot be taught and a good and kind personality cannot be formed from one’s environment, but there is a lot to be said of natural talent and DNA traits.

Personally , I don’t believe, Michael’s first two children share his DNA. Thats my opinion. Its not a professional conclusion and its not gospel. It’s simply my opinion, based on obvious observation. This point of view has nothing to do with custody battle or anything of the sort. Michael is the father of those children – he raised them and his wishes should be carried out according to his will. I make the point about DNA, because it would be nice if such wonderful traits and unique musical talents were passed on to his offspring. And, maybe they were. Blanket, his third child have some of Michael’s features. His beautiful large eyes resembles Michaels, especially when he was much younger. Blanket’s slightly protruding cheekbones resemble Michael’s as well. I say look out for that one!!!! Again my opinion – take it or leave it.

Its amazing that such great talent and such a complex mysterious person can be as equally shy and demur. Time and time again, we hear others describing him as sweet and gentle and “Pure.” People that were very close to him always seem to use words such as innocent and naive to describe this otherwise, fabulous and unique larger-than-life phenomenon.

This simple complexity that surrounded Michael is all the more reason for study and discussion. I don’t believe Michael hated black people – of course not; but I believe he was indoctrinated to believe that white was better than black and that white was close to sublime and he worshiped the thought of being white. I also believe that he was miserable and uncomfortable with his former features which changed over the years. This is totally based on his actions. Let me add that I am not against plastic surgery to achieve aesthetics; but some would argue that some of this former pictures were much more attractive than what became the result of multiple surgeries and the questionable extreme skin color change. Which leaves the question, what was he aiming for?

With all that Michael had to endure at an early age, I do believe he could have greatly benefited from Therapy. Maybe he did have a therapist, maybe he did not. I have not heard of any one coming forward to say he did. I believe that most celebrities that have to be in the limelight all the time and is under enormous scrutiny and pressure can greatly benefit from therapy. Instead many seem to believe that popping a pill is easier and that it eases the pain quicker.

Michael – the simple complexity. They way still waters run deep!!

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