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DAVIE – Many across this country fell in line with the promise of change offered by the now successful democratic presidential candidate. These people are now probably convinced that change is already here.

Well, not exactly. It is most ironic that Barack Obama has been compared to John Fitzgerald Kennedy who came to office in the early 1960s. Well, one of the most popular speeches made by that President included the call for Americans to not just ask what their country can do for them, but also what they could and were prepared to do for their country.

Maybe it is necessary that that call be echoed again as the Barack Obama campaign morphs into the Obama administration. So many people, many from places like the Caribbean, believe that one simply fixes things by electing a government then folding one’s arms, expecting manna to literally fall from heaven.

Well, this has never worked in the past and will not happen this time around. If one is supportive of a government, a president, then one is bound to assist that entity to succeed.

In the case of the Obama presidency, it means looking at the lessons of success of the Kennedy administration, some of which manifested itself even after his assassination.

In other words, in addition to electing governments to get a job of work done, people have work to do as well.

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