Commentary with Winston Barnes: Political Tricks

SOUTH FLORIDA – For decades, Jamaicans have named political activity “Politricks”, I suspect not even knowing how accurate the description is and continues to be.

Take the firing of a cabinet minister in Jamaica two days ago. Some see this as decisive and just what the country needs. That might be true, but it is more than that.

The fired minister was s senator, who in the Jamaican context is appointed and is not a member of parliament, and hence was disposable, if you would. If he was a member of parliament the story would have been different because firing him would mean a change in political representation in parliament.

Commentary with Winston Barnes: Political Tricks

Caribbean Leaders meeting with President Trump in Florida

At another level, the U.S. president is holding talks today with a number of leaders from the Caribbean. Some are pointedly excluded from the meeting for reasons which are so obvious there is hardly any need to explain.

In the case of both Antigua and Barbuda and Trinidad and Tobago those two Prime Ministers have been presumptuous by standing up to the bullyism of the U.S. president, especially over the issue of Venezuela.

In the case of Antigua and Barbuda, the Prime Minister has acknowledged the kindness of Venezuela, in matters like petrocaribe, while the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister stands with the Venezuelan government for the simple fact that Trinidad is not only closest, but because for that reason, refugees are flooding trended.

In other words, whether at the local or hemispheric level, politics is tricky, and more times than not, childish.


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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Political Tricks
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