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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Living In The U.S.

DAVIE – As the Christmas holidays approach, it would do members of the community well, to have a better understanding of the country they live in. Things have changed dramatically in a short period of time. In the area of immigration, detention centers have become busier places in the last few months.

Claims that immigration officers are busier than they have been for some time are not merely apparent, they are true. It means that people, who are targeted for what ever reason, are going to be picked up, or at least picked on.

Which brings us to the case of Buju Banton being arrested on charges of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, on Thursday. It is going to be extremely difficult for many to make a disconnect between this arrest and the fact that in leading up to his concert in Miami recently, Buju was the centre of attraction because of a song he recorded two decades ago.

For one thing, the information in news reports so far is so sketchy that alone causes one to be suspicious. In addition, the performer must be aware of the fact that he is well known by law enforcement as well as by supporters of homosexual rights. The question therefore that has to be asked, why would he take chances that are in any way related to unlawful activities? Or did he take any chances at all?

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