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Miami Law Firm To Educate Middle Schoolers On Engaging With Police Officers

Hamilton Miller & Birthisel, LLP To Educate Brownsville Middle School Students On Engagement With Law Enforcement Officers

MIAMI – On May 5, 2016, Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel will host a select group of students from its Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) partner, Brownsville Middle School, for a field trip to the City of Miami Police Academy and Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse in Downtown, Miami

On May 1st of each year, HM&B partners with Brownsville Middle School to participate in the annual American Bar Association Law Day activities.

This year’s Law Day theme is “Miranda: More than Words.” In 2016, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. The Miranda Warning, which was developed in response to this landmark ruling, apprises suspects being interrogated by police of their right to remain silent and their right to legal representation. This year’s theme provides an opportunity to explore our criminal justice system including the importance of procedural fairness and equal justice under the law.

The Law Day field trip with Brownsville Middle School will offer the students an educational and interactive experience and learning opportunity on how to properly engage with local law enforcement officials and to further their understanding of Miranda Warning rights. Students will also have an opportunity to tour the new Miami-Dade Children’s courthouse and to participate in mock trial and restorative justice exercises.

The field trip will include interaction with and participation from the M-DCPS Police Department, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida, Community Justice Project, Power U, BMe Community, Miami Children’s Initiative, Dream Defenders, and FIU Office of Engagement.

Jerry Hamilton
Jerry Hamilton

“The field trip will provide our Brownsville students with an intimate look at how police officers are trained to engage with the public and the significance of the Miranda Warning, including the Constitutional guarantees that it is meant to uphold, sentencing policies, and law enforcement practices,” stated Jerry D. Hamilton, managing partner, Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP.

For more information on HM&B Law Day, visit www.hamiltonmillerlaw.com, the firm’s Facebook page, or follow on Twitter @HMBLegal #HMBLaw.

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