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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Jamaica Politics 2020

Jamaica Politics, who puts food on the table

SOUTH FLORIDA – When all the shouting is over both the politicians and the common folk in Jamaica have what might be monumental lessons to learn from the outcome of Thursday’s elections.

I submit that a major lesson is that young people matter.

When seniors are fearful of venturing out to vote, young people will step out and enjoy their franchise, sometimes with no fear about COVID-19.

In addition, the call for a change in the old guard seems to have been responded to by voters, against one of the parties.

But there are a number of developments which cannot be allowed to go ignored.

One observer with unquestionable street credibility explained the victory in on single statement, “One party was successful because it reduced the influence of garrisons, when the Chinese sponsored highways were being built, and supporters of both major political parties got jobs and were able to place food on their families’ tables”.

There is one anecdote from another associate wherein they voted for the victorious party even though their entire family are supporters of the minority party. Again, this person and family members were beneficiaries of the goodwill of the governing party.

To this point for me, the overarching reason for the lopsided vote is what is called bread and butter issues.  You, literally, put food on my table, I will vote for you.

Therein is the lesson from the elections. Take care of voters’ basic needs and you win an election. At least some of the times, in a landslide.


Commentary with Winston Barnes
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