Commentary with Winston Barnes: Cubanissimo!

Commentary with Winston Barnes: Cubanissimo!

[SOUTH FLORIDA] –  The apparent non-response to the disruption caused by Cuban protest demonstrations across South Florida should come as no surprise to anyone. The same law that was recently authorized by the governor will be used to harshly punish any such disruption of traffic. Plus, the free flow of commerce, if and when it is mounted by groups like Black Lives Matter. It is simple if one understands that the law was really a response to Black Lives Matter protests of recent vintage.

Cuban Political Power

Let us be truthful to history. Cuban Americans have paid serious dues to wield the kind of political power they do in South Florida. I have witnessed with my own eyes; Cubans being stopped in the streets of Miami simply because they were Cubans. A late broker on this radio station, of Asian background tells of being stopped by a police officer who assumed he was Cuban.  He was told, words to the effect that you Cubans are not going to take over!

With that said however, the matter of what must appear to be protection for the demonstrators is a given. Especially, considering the support the Cuban community has shown for the party the state governor is a member of.

But, if you really want to see a clear signal that the law against street demonstrations are aimed at one group of people, let Haitians go into the streets tomorrow and block major highways and see if they all won’t be scraped off the streets and locked up. It is a simple as that.

For us to navigate the current chapter of insanity, South Florida style, we need to know the back story. And, to stop buying the propaganda about both Cuba and Haiti.



Winston Barnes

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Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley


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