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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Auto Safety

By Winston Barnes

DAVIE – The Caribbean has little choice for all the governments to re-think polices regarding the size and speeding capabilities of automobiles used on roadways. What for example is the point in importing a car into an island so small that if the car is driven at full speed would probably run off the island?

What too is the point in allowing cars that hog the road because of their sheer size into a small island where no road is wider than two widths of such cars?

There is going to continue to be a need for development and what is sometimes called advancement but, there is also an on-going need to preserve the life limb of the people of a country if that development is going to happen or benefit the people.

The Jamaican government has been given statistics that road crashes cost millions and millions of dollars in time lost and for medical treatment on an annual basis.

This past Friday’s (Dec 19) crash that took the lives of fourteen people in eastern Jamaica will affect more than a couple hundred in extended families. Wanting to be like metropolitan countries does not mean wanting big and powerful cars. Some of these countries actually use small cars that match the roads they have available. But then again we still have to get the drivers to slow down small car or not.

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