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Caribbean American Heritage Month message

MIAMIDear Fellow Caribbean-Americas and friends of the Caribbean:

In this second year of the commemoration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month, we have much to be thankful for and so much more to work towards. With the population of Americans of Caribbean descent on the rise exponentially, what do we do with all this energy and positive vibes?

Our time has arrived to take full advantage of our rightful place in the social fabric of America. Neither our color, religious affinity, dialect, language nor heritage should preclude us from continuing to make a significant contribution to the prosperity of America.

We must pay homage to those Caribbean-American immigrants who traveled to America in numbers at the turn of the century and laid the table for others to feast on the bounties of hard labor.

We must pay homage to other Americans, whose paths may not have stopped temporarily in the Caribbean that helped us to receive some of the blessings of a life in the United States.

This common bond of our Caribbean-American heritage should not be taken for granted. We must ensure that the next generation of Caribbean-Americans has an intimate understanding of their self-identity.

They must know more about those individuals and organizations that have sacrificed and excelled in the areas of academia, education, healthcare, public service, arts & entertainment, and other aspects of life in America.

Most importantly, the time has come for all Caribbean-Americans to individually take up the torch of citizenship and to be more actively engaged in our democracy. We cannot afford to be grandstand spectators. It is time! It is time that we call on our Congress to deliver a comprehensive immigration bill that will preserve the foundation of keeping our families together and be fair to the status of working Caribbean-Americans.

On behalf our regional leadership of the Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States, I hope that you will find time to celebrate the month with friends and family at the numerous scheduled events.

Connect! Strengthen! Act! And Celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month!

Vier Caribisch Amerikaans Erfgoed Maand!

¡Celebre Mes Americano Caribe de Herencia! Viens Célébrer le Mois de l’Héritage Antillais-Américain!

Ann fete mwa selebrasyon patrimwàn Karayibeyen Ameriken!


Marlon A. Hill, Esq.

Attorney, Marlon Hill
Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board,
Southern United States

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