Commentary With Winston Barnes: Antigua Crisis

DAVIE – Whether it is called a crisis or not, something less than the norm is the current status in Antigua and Barbuda. For the very Prime Minister and two of his members of parliament to have their seats declared vacant because of election irregularities can not be discounted as not being serious.

There are apparently legal and constitutional provisions that prevent the government from collapsing immediately, but relief must be found promptly if the administration is not to lose more of its credibility.

And lest the opposition believe it has gained a victory, it could easily be a hollow one.

For one thing, even with the three seats declared vacant, the opposition has not earned the majority in the assembly as both sides now have an equal number of members. In addition, there are three members who sit as independents. This only makes for the possibility of more drama, even as one hopes this would bring an easy solution.

But this is not going to be resolved in any logical way for the simple fact that political power is going to be the deciding factor in this case. Power plays and one-upmanship is going to be the priority and selfishness and not the will and welfare of the people is going to prompt the decisions.

In my opinion, more proof that most of the Caribbean is in dire need of critical constitutional reform.

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