Commentary with Winston Barnes: Dog Heart, Alms House

SOUTH FLORIDA – Jamaicans are among the most creative in their use of the English language. In addition, Jamaicans have amalgamated African retentions which they are totally unaware of.

Take the concept of “dog-heart” and “alms-house” used to describe depraved and reprobate behavior. There could hardly be more expressive ways to describe the behavior of the gunman in Texas on Sunday morning.

Texas church gunman, Devin Kelly Dog Heart, Alms House

Texas church gunman, Devin Kelly

That his behavior was depraved is in little doubt after listening to a survivor of the massacre in a quiet little country church. He is quoted as telling the congregation that they were all going to “f”-word die. We also hear that he re-loaded his weapon at least twice.

Tina Farrington

Mother used a pillow to fatally smother her 4-year-old daughter.

But can we honestly and accurately not also describe the killing of a four year old girl by her mother as “dog heart” and “alms house”? Maybe we should! Especially considering indications that the mother smothered the baby, because she talked back to her.

Yet, in describing the behavior herein as both being reprobate and depraved, we would be only scratching the surface of understanding these two tragedies.

We must also be bold enough to describe both perpetrators as having mental problems.

Yet, White privilege should not be allowed to claim only the gunman was mentally deranged.


Commentary with Winston Barnes

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