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Comm. Dale Holness Offers Support for Superintendent Robert Runcie

Broward Superintendent of Schools and the Mayor of Davie to speak at ConFAB
Robert Runcie

[BROWARD COUNTY] – Broward County Commissioner, Dale Holness issued the followed statement in support of Broward County Superintendent, Robert Runcie.

I am saddened, broken-hearted, and worried about how Broward County Public Schools Board will run without Superintendent Robert Runcie and concern about what will happen to him.

Superintendent Runcie has been with the district since 2011. As the leader of the nation’s sixth-largest district, with nearly 261,000 students from over 177 countries speaking 151 different languages, he has done a magnificent job of turning our schools around for the better.

Increased Graduation Rate

Under Superintendent Runcie leadership, he has increased the graduation rate across the board to 89.4% since 2010. Black or African-American students increased to 86.5%. Hispanic students increased to 90% and White students to 92.4%. And, 34 of 35 traditional district high schools, career schools and the virtual school achieved a graduation rate of 90%. Throughout the district, he expanded the use of technology. Turned around failing schools. Plus, established workforce development programs that enabled ten of thousands of our students to be job-ready. In addition to having a job upon graduation.

Cambridge District of the Year Award

Most importantly, Superintendent Runcie prioritized equity in education, mental health and wellness, safe and supportive learning environments, closing achievement gaps, and diversity all around. Broward County Public Schools is the first district in the U.S. to receive the pretentious Cambridge District of the Year distinction.

Show of Support

The above achievements are why business leaders, community organizations, including the Broward Black Elected Officials, which I am the chair of, stood together more than two years ago to support Superintendent Runcie when he was under attack from those who wanted him fired over the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. We were able to stop that effort. Many in our community are saying this current action seems sinister and appears to be a way to get Superintendent Runcie at any cost and by any means.

Superintendent Runcie is engaged and connected to the district and has made great strides. He works with members of the board and the community to set vision, goals, and objectives for the district. I greatly admire his commitment to improving student outcomes and creating partnerships for the betterment of the district.

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