Colin Levy happy with US college radio tour

KINGSTON, Jamaica – As singer Colin Levy winds down his month-long US college radio tour, he confesses to being in extremely high spirits and eager to share his music with the world.

The reggae artiste, who has been in the States since the first week in April, was on a promotional blitz of his most recent song, Lovers’ Holiday, from his soon-to-be-released album, Unleashed. Already the single has found favour in Jamaica, where it is enjoying good rotation on radio and has made its way onto the Jamaica Countdown Chart where it has taken over the #2 spot.

Levy, who also uses the moniker Iley Dred, is accompanied on the road by his marketing manager, Brian ‘Daddy Biggs’ Muntz, who single-handedly put together the radio station package.

Muntz, the IT Coordinator for computing services in a university in Canada, is also part time in the music business working in the field of Artist & Repertoire, music production and marketing. Muntz, who took on Colin Levy as a client and started working with him immediately after hearing the Lovers’ Holiday single feels very strongly about his project and the upcoming album.

Biggs explained that the artiste has been making inroads by showcasing his music to one of the largest audiences anywhere – college students. He noted that college radio stations are quite powerful and said this was an excellent opportunity for Levy to take his career to the next level.

“Obviously, this is not about money, since this tour is purely promotional, but the potential for making money down the road because of this is immense,” Muntz stated.

Muntz took the singer to tour a seemingly endless list of college radio stations in Washington, New York, Atlanta and several other states, and he and Levy were in one accord as they hit the road for close to 30 days while journeying on this musical labour of love.

“I am wrapping up my North America College Radio promotional tour, on a positive note,” Levy said from Washington, which was among his last stops on the trip.

“I have finally started living my dreams as an artiste and this has always been my desire,” he concluded.

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