Celebrating good times with Kool & The Gang

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PEMBROKE PINES – Cel e bra tion time come on!  Singing voices, could be heard all over the center, as if in a huge chorus, in key, out of key, dancing and having a good time!  Rocking to the rhythm of Kool & The Gang; and they still got “IT!”

The “Gang” ended their riveting concert with their signature song Celebration which has been able to survive across decades, cultures, and people.  The two-time Grammy Award winners remained true to their style of music and continues to amaze the crowd with their non-stop energy, flawless singing, and meticulous music playing.

Kool & The Gang has sold over 70 million albums and has lasted three decades.  In addition to their Grammys they have seven American Music Awards and several other accolades.  It is said they have performed for 45 years continuously, longer than any other R& B group, and they have the bragging rights for the most dances sampled.

The concert at the new Pembroke Pines City Center on May 27th was packed.  There were long lines going into the concert hall.  The venue was neat with comfortable seats, sound was precise, and had an up front and personal feel.  Kool and the Gang began the night with Fresh daring the audience to get up and dance.

Celebrating good times with Kool & The Gang
Kool & The Gang

Throughout the show their signature horns and trombone arrangements sent waves down the aisle.   Tina, an attendee asked, “Do you know what you were doing when this song came on?”  Asking that question with a smile sure that everyone else was taking a trip down memory lane.

The show was exciting, fun and entertaining.  One particular member who appeared to be at least 60 years old was doing flips on stage.  What a performer, and he was still able to sing, play his horn, and dance.  Astounding!  What a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

Kool & The Gang is currently based in New Jersey and still has four of its original members:  Robert “Kool” Bell, Ronald “Khalis” Bell, George Brown and Dennis Thomas.   Walter Anderson, a newbie is currently the lead singer.

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