CBD Products for Pets: What You Should Know

CBD Products for Pets

There is a great deal of hype surrounding CBD products and all the different ways that they can be used to improve health. It is not just humans, however, that can benefit from CBD supplements.

There is growing evidence to suggest that pets can experience many of the same effects and benefits from CBD as humans can. This has led to increasing demand for products that contain CBD for pets, including popular options such as pet-friendly oils and pet treats with added cannabidiol.

As with humans, there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach with pets. Every animal reacts differently to CBD and particular products. Understanding the benefits of CBD for pets and the different available options is essential to ensure you choose the best possible options for your furry friends.

Here is everything you need to know about CBD pet products to help you decide on the best possible way for your pets to experience the benefits.

Why Give Pets CBD?

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to consider adding CBD supplements to your pet’s diet.

CBD is derived from hemp plants which are known for being nutrient-rich, making them an ideal candidate as a general health and immune-boosting supplement. CBD supplements have similar effects to other multi-vitamins and can be used as a simple and effective way to support your pet’s natural defences.

CBD products can also be used to treat specific ailments in a very similar way to how humans can use them. They have been found to provide relief from pain, help to reduce inflammation, and can also be used to prevent and reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Some pet owners choose to incorporate CBD into their pet’s everyday diet in order to help manage chronic conditions. Pets suffer from many of the same conditions that humans do, including arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. CBD can be used to limit the adverse effects of such conditions and make life a little easier for your furry friend.

Alternatively, CBD can be used for singular events such as injuries or anxiety caused by external factors. Adding CBD treats into a pet’s diet during firework season, for example, is a common way to prevent the anxiety that pets often experience at this time of year.

Different CBD Pet Products That Are Available

CBD Products for pets

Just like with human CBD products, there are many different options available to pets. This makes it easy to find products that your pet enjoys and provide them with the desired effects.

The most popular pet-friendly CBD products are oils and treats. Both options allow CBD to be easily incorporated into your pet’s diet and are ideal for pets that tend to resist new foods and medications.

CBD oils can either be used on their own in the form of drops or added to meals so that pets don’t even notice the addition of CBD. Treats can also be used in a similar way as pets tend to prefer them and enjoy them as tasty rewards and snacks.

Another common way to treat pets with CBD is with topicals. Creams, shampoos, and sprays are all great options and allow the owner to target specific areas of the body. CBD topicals are especially useful when treating external conditions and skin irritations.

How to Choose the Right Products for Your Pets

A good place to start when choosing CBD products for pets is to consider the desired outcome. For example, skin conditions are often best treated with topicals, while oils and treats are much better when dealing with anxiety.

Having decided on the best category of products, the next thing to consider is dosage. Most CBD products are available in a few different strength options. Many brands make this decision super easy by offering low-dose options for cats and small dogs and increasingly strong products for medium and large dogs.

Finding the perfect CBD products for your pets can often take a little time, and it is often worth trying a few different products. Some pets enjoy tasty CBD treats being added to their diet, while other pets react much better to oil drops being added to meals.

Is CBD Right for Every Pet?

Like humans, CBD is not suitable for every animal, so it is always essential to discuss introducing CBD into your pet’s diet with their vet.

Adverse effects from CBD are rare, and even when they do occur, they tend to be mild. However, this is still something worth discussing. Your pet’s vet will be able to provide the best advice as to whether CBD supplements are a good idea, and if so, the dosage that is likely to work best.


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