Caribbean TV Shows Island Origins and Island Stylee

Caribbean TV shows focused and travel, lifestyle and community, available in the Keys, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St Lucea as far north as Vero Beach.
Watch “Island Stylee” and “Island Origins” back to back on Monday nights starting at 9:30PM and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 8:30PM. On South Florida’s BECON-TV, Channel 63, or if you’re on Comcast it’s Channel 19.

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  • Divine Clarity

    Tonight I watched your show for the first-time. As an indigenous to America, I was shocked to hear the tv host say that Jamaicans say things to other Jamaicans like “you look like an African with wide nose”. An insinuation that Africans are ugly. Its unfortunate and seethingly ignorant that some Jamaicans feel this way…quiet clearly this generation curse was plaqued upon you by your ugly white slave masters who raped your women and lighted your skin. This historical biological breeding has cursed your spirit and confused your minds. Africans are not ugly and they are not your enemies. I am speaking to the ignorant Jamaicans who think this way. Have any of you been to been to Africa? I am not sure if you Jamaicans know that Africa is a continent. Africa has 3000 distinct ethnic groups, 2000 languages. Home to the most genetically diverse people on Earth. So diverse that two Africans are more genetically different from each other than a Chinese and a European are from each other. Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent. From what I understand you Jamaicans were slavenized (not colonized) by the wicked, ugly, thin, chicken skinned white British who tried to rule the world and due to generations of brainwashing…your loyalty and infatuation with white skin makes you love white skin, but hate your own black skin and the black skin is the foundation of your existence. The most regal, graceful and beautiful people I have ever seen were Africans. The most arrogant, selfish, thoughtless, immoral, obese, uneducated, loud, mean spirited, vulgar, facially and physically ugly people I have witnessed have been the brainwashed and still enslaved Caribbean and African American Diaspora people. Wash your brains and mouths, get close to God and become beautiful…ask God to forgive you and liberate your ignorant thoughts from the cancerous thoughts of your historical slave masters. The only real beauty are people who are pious and close to God. I hope this has helped at least one person, then I know I have done my job. Wake up!

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