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Caribbean Gambling Laws and Regulations

The Caribbean islands offer their residents and visitors an unforgettable experience. High-class service, developed infrastructure in gambling establishments, rich decor – all this creates the impression of an exceptionally elite casino-friendly environment. Each island has its atmosphere. Therefore, excited fans can try their favorite slots and table games with different sauces while traveling. Only one thing will remain unchanged: unforgettable impressions and a pleasant stay provided with quality service.

Our aim is to examine the reliable and safe casinos, and our top specialists make the lists of online platforms with reviews, just like AussieBestCasinos which represent the most trusted gambling websites with a wide range of fascinating games. All of this would be impossible to meet without a deep research of Caribbean legal rules and gambling regulations. Continue reading to plunge into our experts’ authoritative investigation.

Caribbean Gambling Laws and Regulations

Countries’ Legislations

One of the reasons why this region has become incredibly popular among gambling fans is loyalty to gambling law regulation. An eloquent example is Antigua and Barbuda. This is not only a state with one of the largest casinos in the region but also a sizeable offshore zone, where hundreds of gambling sites from all over the world are registered. 

The Antigua and Barbuda Gambling Regulators are one of the most authoritative global organizations controlling online casino activities. The agency issues licenses to virtual gambling establishments and assists in resolving specific issues related to the gambling business.

Tourists say the best casinos are located in the Bahamas, Aruba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. The list of gambling houses is regularly updated. Shortly, there are plans to open a gambling zone in Cuba, where the gambling industry has been banned for a long time. Those living in a region that denies gambling activity can play games in online casinos. They use modern technologies to make safe payments in casinos and provide the highest level of transaction security.

Most countries do not divide players into locals and visitors (for example, it is done in Egypt or Monaco). Adult citizens of any state can visit the casino without any restrictions. To confirm that the player is over 18, an ID card will be required at the entrance to any casino. 

It is important to emphasize that after obtaining a gambling license, operators are immediately subject to the regulation of the country where it was issued. From that moment on, the company must comply with the legal terms of a particular territory and fulfill all its obligations. Otherwise, the license may be revoked. And in some cases, special measures are taken – up to the initiation of criminal cases.

Territories’ Laws

In 1964, the Dominican Republic passed an act that allowed legal gambling in casinos and other gambling establishments to attract more foreign tourists. Surprisingly, this gaming law has been working correctly for over half a century with very few amendments.

Curacao is considered to be one of the most stable offshores for obtaining a gambling license, as it has issued such permits for over 20 years. 

Online gambling has recently become one of the main areas of business on the island. But, still, it doesn’t have such a variety of casino games as the platforms with the prime feedbacks in the list on IrishCasinorius. These websites with different mobile gambling entertainments have gained the highest reputation over the years and won the customers’ confidence.

The primary legislation body is the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard, while the Ministry of Justice issues online casino licenses. Benefits of Obtaining a Curacao (Sub)License:

  • no separation of licenses into classes – it will be the same for both casinos and sports betting or poker rooms. It is also possible to place several types of gambling on your platform under one license;
  • no need to prepare a large number of documents (only a minimal package is required);
  • low cost of a license and tax deductions;
  • lack of strict software requirements;
  • lack of requirements for a high level of financial performance;
  • acting as soon as possible for the issuance of a license.

Costa Rican gambling rules do not imply the possibility of expanding business to other countries through simple passportization, as with similar licenses within the EU. However, Costa Rican laws do not prohibit casinos registered here from accepting payments from physically located in other countries. Thus, the Costa Rica license allows you to create virtual casinos on the Internet and serve customers from all over the planet.

As a rule, the list of documents required for presentation consists of such components as an application for a license, information about the gambling company itself, a copy of the identity card of the founder of the company, copies of documents confirming the official existence of the company, and bank statements that reflect cash transactions.

Interesting Facts 

Caribbean casinos range from small ones with the most popular card tables and slot machines to huge ones, where visitors can enjoy the latest technology and their favorite traditional games. They all accept players of legal age. We will show you some of the most interesting facts about casinos in this thriving region.

  • The Dominican Republic is the leading country in developing the gambling business in the Caribbean region. The largest hotel complexes offer extensive opportunities for gamblers. There are 18 casinos in Punta Cana. Most of them are in hotels. This is convenient for tourists. Hotels offer them pleasant bonuses, for example, free entrance to the casino (in some establishments, the entrance is paid) and drinks.
  • The casinos in Aruba accept citizens and foreigners, but the law limits how often a citizen can visit a casino. 
  • The Bahamas proudly hold the largest casino in the Caribbean. The Atlantis Paradise Island 5-star has the nickname “Vegas on the Ocean”, hosting over 75 card tables, 750 slots, and several types of roulette. In addition to Atlantis, Nassau has a casino in Windham (Crystal Casino), and there will be a new, even larger casino in the BahaMar complex – the largest in the Bahamas.
  • To obtain an Antigua and Barbuda gambling license, you must submit a package of documents to the local commission and pay a one-time license fee. After receiving a license, the company deducts a percentage of each winning as a tax.


Gambling legislation has undergone certain transformations in many fields, mainly changing the betting and gaming industry landscape. Licensing in offshore jurisdictions has significant advantages: low taxes and, as we have already noted, the ability to operate around the world. While registering, for example, physical presence is not necessary, and the whole process fits in the shortest possible time. However, it should be noted that each such zone has its unique list of documents and conditions. Therefore, from the beginning, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with it and pay special attention to the zone’s reputation.


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