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Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA) 33rd Annual Miami Conference starts Nov 30th

MIAMI — The Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA) 33rd Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Central America will take place from November 30 to December 2, 2009, at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami, Florida.

The 2009 Miami Conference comes at a critically important time in the region’s economic and political development. The new Administration in Washington is engaging closely with the entire hemisphere and is taking a fresh look at the problems of the smaller economies of the Caribbean Basin. At the same time, the region’s private sector leaders are adjusting their business strategies to meet the evolving global situation. It is imperative that the regional and international governmental and multi-lateral institutions adopt sound policies and best practices if the private sector is going to perform to its potential. The next few years must be characterized by frank dialogue and practical solutions.

As it has for the past 32 years, the Miami Conference will be a central part of this process. CCAA’s role has always been to promote regional approaches to global challenges through dialogue and interaction between policy-makers and business leaders.

The 2009 Conference will bring a higher level of linkages and coordination with collegial organizations, particularly from the private sector. Therefore, in addition to regional public sector leadership and their counterparts in the US Administration, CCAA will be working with organizations such as the Inter-American Dialogue, the Caribbean Council for Europe, chambers of commerce from the Caribbean and Central America, and regional organizations such as the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce.

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