Caribbean-American Woman Trailblazer: Meera Sahadeo

Meera Sahadeo
Meera Sahadeo

By: Shama Harrysingh

SOUTH FLORIDA – The beautiful and versatile Swimwear designer, Meera Sahadeo has truly been an ambitious and success driven woman over the years. Coming from a teaching background in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago, Meera came to the USA about twenty years ago to pursue a Fashion Design Degree at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

She went on to further her education by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing whilst working in the fashion designing field. After many years in the fashion industry, she discovered her passion for swimwear designing. She learnt that there were a vast majority of women who seek the perfect swimsuit for imperfect bodies. Recognizing that this was a niche market and a wealth of experience and research in the field, she decided to launch her online custom swimwear store for women two years ago, focusing on the needs of hard-to fit women.

Swim suit by Meera1“We live in a body conscious society where we are judged for whatever shape or size we carry instead of who we are,” Meera indicated. Her company, Mirasol Swimwear provides custom swimwear for women. There is a style for every woman, from the sexy to the conservative.

Her inspiration comes from her natural surroundings and she tries to incorporate a blend of traditional and trendy in her designs.

Living in Florida reminds her of living in the islands and being a ‘Caribbean girl’ she tries to use prints and colored palettes to reflect the many moods of women and their personalities and believes there is nothing like color to portray such a range.

Her personal research reveals that there are many women who are unable to fit into store bought, mass-produced swimsuits because of sizes being so standardized.

Swim suit by Meera2Women bodies come with various top sizes and body shapes and most times the exact combinations are not facilitated in the stores. By offering custom swimwear such as women’s tankinis, women can submit their specific measurements such as bra sizes, bust, rib, waist, hips and height. They also have the option of choosing the color or prints they like in the style of their choice.

With these specifics, Mirasol Swimwear can then construct that special swimsuit for that particular customer. Of course, there are those customers that like a particular style but seek more or less coverage to suit their needs and preference. These requests are also facilitated.

The company offers a wide range of top sizes: AA, A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, E, EE, F and Bottom sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Plus sizes are also available in some styles. Customers can select from designs in Custom One Pieces, Custom Tankinis, Custom Monokinis and Mix and Match Bikini tops and Bottoms. This way, women can select their top size and body size in the style they want.

Swim suit by Meera3Although her clients are mostly from the USA and Canada, it is always a thrill to have women from around the world viewing and ordering her designs. Some of her clients have hailed from Germany, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, to mention a few.

Her love for design and fashion started out way back in Trinidad and Meera recalls designing and sewing costumes for the kids in her schools for plays and concerts outside of teaching hours. It was a creativity that she nurtured over the years and now having that online platform to reach so many women is both fulfilling and encouraging.

Her greatest joy is being complimented by her clients for making a swimsuit that is such a comfortable second skin to their bodies. Many women become emotional after finding the “perfect swimsuit” and hearing their stories about their search in stores and online, reassure her that she is facilitating a void in the market.

Swim suit by Meera model 1

Being a success driven woman, Meera is always seeking ways to be successful, but at the same time serving a need in society.

Meera is also a “LegalShield Independent Associate,” and is always amazed at how many people are in need of legal services and cannot access the legal system because of the high costs. She has made it her mission to educate and protect families across America and 4 provinces in Canada with Legal and Identity Theft protection.

Meera recalls how many times she could have used the advice of a lawyer and how much stress and anxiety she could have been spared. She informs that a Research Study Conducted by Decision Analyst. Inc. indicated that:
• Nearly 90% of Americans say they do not have any form of legal insurance or legal protection service
• Two-thirds of Americans say they have never heard of any such plans or services
• More than 60% reported they would be interested in purchasing legal protection

By having legal protection, for one flat monthly fee, families can access legal advice, no matter how traumatic or trivial the issue. She pointed out how families can utilize features under the membership in everyday situations, such as:

• Legal Advice
• Letters / Calls made on their behalf
• Contracts/ Documents reviewed
• Access to legal forms
• Have a lawyer prepare- Will, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney
• Traffic-Related Issues
• 24/7 Emergency Access for Covered Situations
• Trial Defense- Pre-Trial/ Representation at Trial
• IRS Audit Assistance
• 25% preferred Member Discount

As far as Identity Theft is concerned and as a LegalShield Independent Associate, Meera learnt that Florida is now the #1 state for Identity Theft and Miami is the #1 city! She indicated that the Identity Theft situation is not going away and encourages people to be responsible and protect themselves and their families.

Although most people believe that identity theft is credit card related, she informs that it can manifest itself in different ways, such as, Credit Fraud, Social Security Fraud, Driver’s License Fraud, Medical Fraud, and Criminal/ Character Fraud. While it is important to have alerts and monitoring, the most important concern is to have access to “Restoration” and Meera indicates that this is a significant feature of the LegalShield Identity Theft Protection.

For many people, “it is most discouraging and stressful to find yourself in a situation with nowhere to turn,” Meera states, and she further emphasizes that it is more important to “have protection and not need it rather than need it and don’t have it.” She is committed to informing and educating the public about having access to the legal system and recognizing how vital it is to have Identity Theft protection in this age of computers and online hacking. “We live in a scary world and nothing is private anymore,” she stresses.


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To have access to legal protection as an individual, an employee, a business owner and for your family is the most important gift you can give yourself for less than a dollar a day. “It is important for people to be aware that legal and identity theft assistance are available,” and she urges the public to be proactive and not wait to become a victim. She stresses that the cost of protecting oneself far outweighs the cost of rectifying any legal or identity theft situations.

Meera believes it is always important to be conscious of society and give back. She feels privileged to have had opportunities to touch people’s lives in various ways. Her dedication to service is paramount and she continues to create opportunities to pay it forward.

She has been a volunteer with Kids in Distress for over 10 years and is also a member of The Pompano Chamber of Commerce. She recently volunteered at the Coral Springs Festival of Arts. She pledges to use her service to improve lives and fulfill the needs of people and believes that we can all do well by doing good.

Congratulations on your success Meera!!!

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