Caribbean-American Heritage Month Spotlight: Peter London

Caribbean-American Heritage Month Spotlight: Peter London
Peter London

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – Peter London is the Artistic Director, Choreographer, and Founder of the Peter London Global Dance Company based in Miami, Florida. Before his success as a kindhearted dancer and asset to the world of dance, he began his dancing journey at the age of six, practicing in Laventille, Port of Spain, the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

He was an active participant in the retention of West African Yoruba and Dahomean religious rights and communal traditions. Individuals would dance, chant, and play the drums to honor saints, gods, and goddesses.


Once London reached 12, he quickly took his desire to dance to another level by formally training under Esaw Frazier, Felix Harrington, Astor Johnson, and Patricia RoeUnder these mentorships, he learned the importance of discipline. London expanded his knowledge of history, dance, and music from previous generations who migrated to Trinidad from Carriacou, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.

London’s dance career accelerated quickly; at the age of 16, he became a member of the Barataria dance group, and by 17, he began to tour internationally as a cultural ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago. By 19, he was appointed as the dance director, instructor, and choreographer of the well-known group and led them to more visibility and victories.

Dance Company

His desire to have his own dance company stemmed from the various techniques and styles he used to choreograph. Those desires eventually landed him in the Juilliard School, Alvin Ailey School, Jose Limon Dance Company, and Martha Dance company. London’s admittance into these prestigious organizations where he served as a dancer, teacher, and for the Martha Graham Dance Company, rehearsal assistant, and Associate Artistic Senior, allowed him to learn more about operating a company, school management, and the skills necessary to provide students a nurturing yet competitive atmosphere.

World Traveler

After traveling the world and learning from various professionals in the industry, he made it a mission to return to South Florida to support a community of artists who have worked and lived globally. When the pandemic hit, it provided challenges for many, but it didn’t make a difference for the Peter London Global Dance Company.

Before the global pandemic, many of the artists lived globally and therefore rehearsed virtually wherever they were. Much of his ideas for choreography stems from a two-fold concept that PLGDC has adopted to promote inclusivity of community educational engagement programs, bringing on painters, singers, actors, composers, and playwrights to collaborate and create top tier presentations.

Because of the pandemic, London expects to see more use of virtual media to showcase performances. As a result, reaching an even larger audience through virtual streaming.

London’s continuous use of vivid imagery and creative elements has altered the world of dance and performance to generate fresh, new concepts and ideas. Much of his work draws from emotions, based on paintings, religions, history, or literature representing many life journeys that resonate with large audiences.

As the founder and director of his company, London has paved his way into being an influential artist. Including providing a safe space for artists locally and abroad to feel empowered through performing. In addition to work that gives artists both locally and abroad a sense of empowerment.

Join the Peter London Global Dance Group for their monthly Happy Hour Facebook Live

Celebration of Caribbean African American Diasporan Community Partnership and Collaborations

The panelists are a cross-section of some of the artists that have partnered and collaborated on community events. The panel includes:

    • Moderator, award-winning multi-platform Journalist John Yearwood
    • Global News Editor at POLITICO, Philanthropist Yvette Belle 
    • Gillian Smart, Founder CaneTV
    • Composer and Founding Artistic Director of the Ballet and Dance Orchestra Ezra Haugabrooks
    • Painter Michael Elliott
    • Principal Dancer with Garth Fagan Dance Vitolio Jeune
    • Host of Caribbean American News and Entertainment internet radio station Cleve Osborne
    • Choreographer/Dancer/Educator Terrence Pride
Event Highlights

Celebration of Caribbean African American Diaspora Community Partnership and Collaborations. The event features a celebration of Caribbean American Heritage of partnership and collaborations in the performing and culinary arts. In addition to, journalism, artwork, and large-scale community events like the Caribbean Carnival and Reggae and Jerk festival, to name a few. 

Event Details

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