Caribbean-American Couple Purchase Major Printing Company

FORT WORTH, Texas – Caribbean-American power couple, Alrick & Paula Warner have completed the purchase of Bass Printing Company, a Premier Modern Commercial Printing Company in Forth Worth, Texas.

Alrick hails from the Island of St. Kitts and Paula is from St. Thomas, USVI of Kittitian parents .

Alrick Warner, who will serve as President & CEO commented that, “Mark & Montie Pafford (previous owners) have built Bass Printing on a strong legacy of quality, trust and value. We intend to keep it that way. Our plan is to continue to grow the company with more new and innovative products with a stronger web presence. Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality service, and printing at great value.”

Caribbean-American Couple, Alrick and Paula Warner Purchase Major Printing Company
Alrick & Paula Warner

Paula Warner will serve as CFO and Vice President of Finance & HR.  She stressed that, “whether you need printed materials for your company, small business, or your family we are here for you. We are conveniently located in Fort Worth. Bass Printing has extensive experience and expertise in design, inks, imaging and printing to assist you with your job be it large or small. Our staff has the expertise, dedication and discipline in printing technical mastery in everything from design to print, inks to substrate, folding to cutting”.

South Florida Caribbean News spoke with Alrick about the purchase of Bass Printing.

Q: What can you share with us about Bass Printing that makes it unique?  

A: Bass Printing Company, is a 35-year old, full-service, commercial printing Company with 14 talented and experienced employees.  We are a fully integrated, complete commercial printing company offering a variety of design, printing, finishing, packaging & shipping/mailing services.  We do everything from design to pre-press, offset & digital printing, plus cutting, folding, binding, and mailing/shipping. 

Bass Printing has new Caribbean-American owners
Bass Printing Team with new owners, Alrick & Paula Warner

Q: What are your product offerings?

A:  We manufacture and print a wide variety of products including:: business cards, brochures, newsletters, product & package labels, flyers, event tickets, door hangers, name badges, plaques, certificates, letterheads, envelopes, Security, catalog, booklets, manuals, manifestos, raffle tickets, 1, 2, 3-part forms, invoice pads/books, purchase orders, work orders, contracts, invitations and announcements (wedding & graduations, etc.), personal scratch pads, hang tags, graphic design, digital printing and more.  

Q: What makes Bass Printing unique & special?

A: Quality: Our print and finishing quality is one of the very best that I have seen in the industry.  We stack up among the very best in the world honestly.  It is for this reason why we have won several awards such as the USPTA magazine award.

Customer Service:  Our people really do care!  We are honest, competent and fair.  So, our customers keep coming back and refer their friends to us.  We have a great repeat business model.  Real people answer the telephones here.

Technical Mastery: We take the time to educate our staff on current technologies which keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry.  We truly have an excellent mastery level understanding of our substrates, inks, and equipment.  We have state of the art printing equipment in both analog (four offset printers: 1, 2. 4 and 6-color presses) and digital printers (Konica Minoltas) to best meet our customers’ needs.  We also have a wide variety of finishing and bindery equipment.  We have a unique high-quality hole punchers for paint can labels, the only one in the entire Southwest.  In support of this we have several analytical pieces of equipment to objectively measure and control print quality online in real time.  We take pride in our work and it shows.  We have a system to check and re-check our work at all stages of our operation.

Agility: We take pride in our fast-turnaround of jobs as well.  We recognize that some times business emergencies arise and so we make special allowances for our customers’ emergencies.  We are an agile organization and we see this as one of our competitive advantages.  We can typically turn around jobs within a week with excellence.  We ship worldwide via US Post Office, EMS, UPS, FEDEX, and DHL!

Alrick Warner confirms that the company will remain in Fort Worth at its current location – 4620 South Edgewood Terrace, Fort Worth, Texas 76119.

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