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Caribbean American Community In Drivers Seat For City Of Miramar Municipal Election

MIRAMAR – On March 10, 2015, the bustling City of Miramar and its over 130,000 residents will have a voice in the election and/or re-election of a new Mayor and two new city commissioners.  With sitting commissioners, Alexandra Davis and Wayne Messam challenging the longstanding incumbent Mayor Lori Moseley, over six candidates will vie for Commissioner Davis’ Seat 1, including Clarence Adams, Alejandro Casas, Maxwell Chambers, Norman Hemming, Dennis Hinds and John Murphy and four candidates will strive for Commissioner Messam’s Seat 4, including Catherine Minnis, Magaly Prezeau and Darline Riggs.   A number of the mayoral and commissioner candidates are Miramar residents of Caribbean-American descent.

Mayor Moseley was first elected to the commission in 1995 and elected mayor in 1999.  Messam was elected to the commission in 2011 and Davis was first elected to the commission in 2010.

The Mayor and the City Commissioners are elected at-large, with the City Commission designated by seat numbers. Both the Mayor and the City Commission are elected for four-year terms. Elections are every two years (odd number years) with staggered terms. The Mayor and one Commission seat are elected at one election and the remaining three Commissioners elected at the next election. Both the Mayor and the Commission may be re-elected subsequently.

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The Mayor presides at meetings of the Commission, but shall have no administrative duties except as required to carry out the responsibilities herein. The Commission elects from among its members a Vice-Mayor. This election is done annually at the first regular Commission meeting in April.

All eligible residents in the City of Miramar are encouraged to:

  1. VOTE on March 10 – either via vote by mail (absentee) or directly at the polls on March 10, 2015, 7 am to 7 pm;
  2. VOLUNTEER for the candidate(s) of your choice to help with canvassing, phone banking, or other campaign duties;
  3. CONTRIBUTE to the candidate(s) of your choice, individually or through your business (maximum of $1,000.00)

All elections are decided based on majority of votes received in this non-partisan citywide election on March 10.  There are no run-offs.  For more information, visit www.browardsoe.org, call 954-357-7050, or visit the City of Miramar City Clerk at http://www.ci.miramar.fl.us/cityclerk/elections/


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