Canada’s Reggae Queen Ammoye Says: Don’t Count Me Out!

Toronto, Canada – Canadian Songstress Ammoye has a track record of making popular music, and the three-time JUNO nominee for Best Reggae Recording adds to that record with the release of her new single “Don’t Count Me Out!”

Produced by Award winning Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records, “Don’t Count Me Out” is taken from the artists forthcoming album, ‘The Light’ which will be available on wide release on June 29th on the Tuff Gong International label.

Canada's Reggae Queen Ammoye Says: Don’t Count Me Out!

Ammoye single speaks to the underdog who comes from the ‘country’ (a metaphor used to represent being an outsider), and overcomes obstacles to achieve her goal.  Ammoye sings:  “I’m a woman from a small town in the country / with a big city mentality / yeah / I never forget I come from the Ghetto / yeah / It taught me how mean these streets can be….”

When the single first came to be, Ammoye was recovering from lymph nodes on her throat which prevented her from singing.

During an interview on the red carpet at the JUNO Awards, Ammoye explained “when the doctor told me I couldn’t sing and had to rest my voice, I turned to writing music, and ‘Don’t Count Me Out’ was the first song that came to me.  This was my way of saying don’t count me out; I may be away from singing for right now, but I am coming back, and coming back strong!”

Ammoye’s strength was celebrated at the recent JUNO Awards in which she was touted by media outlets as being one of the best dressed artists on the red carpet.

Styled by Hendrixroe, a lawyer who became a fashion designer, Ammoye stepped out of her comfort zone by wearing a pantsuit when other starlets were wearing dresses.  Yahoo! Canada, CTV’s The Social, E-Talk and more crowned the artist ‘Best Dressed.’  Riding the ‘Best Dressed’ wave, Ammoye made sure to let the world know she proudly represents Reggae!

“Don’t Count Me Out” is being serviced to radio jocks around the world through L3 Distribution.

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