Can you get life insurance after being diagnosed with COVID-19?

Can you get life insurance after being diagnosed with COVID-19?

Finding ourselves stuck in the thick of a global pandemic has most of us playing hopscotch through a wide range of emotions from scared and frustrated to unexpectedly finding welcome solitude while in quarantine. 

Somewhere between baking bread, whipping coffee, memorizing Tik Tok dances, and figuring out which friend is paying for the unlimited zoom link, you’ve probably thought about life insurance and what would happen if you got COVID. 

If your curiosity has brought you to researching insurance policies, you know that there’s no shortage of articles pushing specified health and life insurance policies all claiming to be your best and/or cheapest option.

All the information can be enough to bring on a stress migraine. Don’t worry too much, though. That throbbing isn’t some underlying, pre existing condition, it’s just the frustration of trying to make sense of insurance terms and how to get no medical exam life insurance quotes in order to simultaneously get insurance and avoid any COVID riddled environments. 

Hopefully, COVID hasn’t negatively affected you or a loved one’s health, but if it has, finding life insurance coverage may be even harder to find.

Where to Start When Looking For Life Insurance

Where to Start When Looking For Life Insurance








The first step to finding anything worth having is searching for recommendations. If your area has been affected by COVID, it doesn’t hurt to speak to a representative of an insurance company you know you can trust whether your own, a family’s, or friends. 

Ensuring that you have the best policy possible or while searching to open a new one, gathering the most information as possible will only help in your decision process.

COVID-19 seems to have ruined everything about 2020 from state fairs and concerts to society’s general physical and mental health. Feel free to exhale here because the threat COVID or even getting diagnosed with COVID has not changed your chances of getting approved nor the rates you will pay for life insurance. 

The good news is that it’s business as usual in terms of finding and getting coverage.

Though COVID has not ruined your chances of finding a great plan, it is helpful to know what COVID has affected. If you are actively applying for insurance, your age has become secondary in importance to your travel plans and the amount of COVID cases per capita of your destination

Depending on your plans, waiting to apply until after you return could be in your best interest and since all of your medical records will be reviewed, showing that you are up to date on vaccinations could potentially help.

Be Prepared for COVID

Even though death is eternal peace for us, it leaves those we love behind with all of our unfinished business and is anything but peaceful for them. Don’t leave your friends and family with the ghosts of bills past. A sad statistic is that in America only 30% of people have adequate life insurance coverage.

Thankfully becoming a part of that prepared 30% takes just a bit of research, and if you’re pressed for time, you can find a lot of answers quickly if you simply ask the right questions. Whether you are currently suffering from COVID, or just wishing to be prepared, the good news is that for most people, getting COVID will not be fatal. 

Being diagnosed with COVID-19 shouldn’t hinder your chances of getting a new policy or bettering your current policy. 

Tips for Applying and Qualifying for Life Insurance

We all make mistakes when filling out paperwork, but there are a few things in our control that doing the proper way will help you save time, keep you from getting denied, or worse getting a high premium rate.

  • Don’t lie When asked for any information, be transparent. You may think that lying about smoking cigarettes or your prescription history will help you secure a low rate, but insurance companies find out the truth whether you tell them or not, and finding what you tried to hide will probably increase your quote.
  • Get a Minimum of 3 Separate Quotes Even with recommendations, you should look past your current network. The more information you have on what’s out there the better you can negotiate and decide. Talk to a number of different companies.
  • Get the Deal Tailored Your life isn’t made as one size fits all, and neither should your insurance. What are your pre-existing conditions and what bills could be left to your family if they were to worsen? Use your best judgment to estimate what would be needed if you were to receive treatment.
  • Go With What You Know Have you heard of the company that’s giving you your best offer, or are they just the least expensive? Though you should shop around, in the end, you should pick what company has both a good reputation and a solid plan.

Planning for Life After COVID-19

Can you get life insurance after being diagnosed with COVID-19?

Photo by Alexavier Rylee Cimafranca from Pexels

There’s no secret medicine that will make you feel 19 again, but it’s never too late to take notes on how to live a healthier lifestyle, especially if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and don’t know if there will be any longer tolls to your health. 

Habitual exercise and eating foods that boost your immune system will help you live a longer healthier life, as well as help keep your insurance premiums low.

This year has put us in an unprecedented time of panic that has left us feeling that we don’t have enough time while also dreading the thought that 2020 will never end. The world may seem as if it’s crumbling around you, but life insurance is just one way to ensure that no matter how grim life may get there are always glimmers of hope from others willing to help. 

Not knowing what to do is okay, but prolonging the process of action only induces anxiety.  


Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site,


Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site,


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