Calabar Alumni Overseas Chapters Show Appreciation to Teachers at alma mater

Calabar Alumni Overseas Chapters Show Appreciation to Teachers at alma mater

Calabar High School Teachers

[Washington D.C.] – Calabar High School Alumni Chapters based overseas have for the second consecutive year banded together to show appreciation to the teachers at their alma mater. Along with vital contributions from the school’s Parent Teachers Association, the old boys chapters in Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta and Florida all combined to provide a cash gift to all teachers and support staff with some funds going also to teacher staff room equipment.

National Teacher Appreciation Day

Coordinated by the head of the Washington, DC Chapter, Michael McPherson, chapters in New York, Atlanta and Florida reached out to their members over the past week leading up to the National Teacher Appreciation Day urging support of this initiative. A goal of providing each of the 136 teachers and staff with a teacher appreciation stipend of J$10,000 each.

Alumni Chapters

The New York Chapter, a great perennial supporter of all things Calabar did not hesitate to support such a great cause. “Teachers are on the front lines and shape our society and that is no easy feat, so they must be recognized, and we are happy to do so,” commented Dr. Don Philibert, president of the New York chapter.

“It is an honor to be able to recognize teachers for all the important work they do in molding the next generation of Jamaicans. Our members stepped up immediately to contribute” said Karl Thompson, president of the Florida chapter.

Likewise, the Atlanta chapter which focuses its resources on giving back to educational causes, praised the joint effort of the chapters, “This was an easy decision for us, it is a great initiative to get behind and we fully support it.” added David Anderson, president of the Atlanta chapter.

“We applaud any activity, program or initiative that celebrates our teachers, so we are happy it all came together,” added Antoinette Pantry, president of the Calabar PTA.

“As this is the second consecutive year, we hope to provide this token of appreciation every year for years to come. Sometimes it not about the size of the gift but the fact we are showing that we care and appreciate our teachers for all they do and all that they sacrifice. It is the least we can do,” added McPherson.


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