Broward County Commissioner to speak at new Law & Politics Speaker Series

SUNRISE – Piper High School, located at 8000 NW 44th St. in Sunrise is set to get a boost with a new informative and motivational monthly speaker series, Law & Politics Speaker Series at Piper which was established and is being coordinated by Sunrise Attorney Ghenete Wright Muir.

The series is scheduled to launch on Monday, October 27, 2008 at 10:00 am with its first speaker, Broward County Commissioner and Vice Mayor, Stacy Ritter. Commissioner Ritter, an attorney by profession, is an alumna of Piper High School, and is excited to return to her Alma Mater in this capacity.

Vice Mayor, Stacy Ritter

According to series coordinator, Attorney Wright Muir, β€œLaw & Politics Speaker Series at Piper was designed to connect students to the legal and political community, to provide them with information and resources to assist them in pursuing a career in law or politics.”

Ghenete Wright Muir

Additionally, the series will provide students well needed exposure to professionals who are actively involved in their communities.

Law & Politics Speaker Series at Piper will be conducted among 10th, 11th and 12th graders, in collaboration with Piper school teacher Ronald Marx, who teaches American History Honors as well as, Law Studies. Mr. Marx is confident Commissioner Ritter will help students identify and understand the link between community involvement and civic leadership.

Speakers will address a variety of topics relevant to their various professions, which should help students in choosing a career path in those fields.

In addition to Commissioner Ritter other speakers include newly elected State Senator, Chris Smith; Chief Assistant Public Defender, Gordon Weekes; Assistant State Attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson;
Attorney Penny Shaw and Arbitrator / Mediator, Jeanne C. Wood.

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