Broadcasting company launches new radio product targeting Haitians and Jamaicans

POMPANO BEACH – Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., a revolutionary broadcasting company offering programming catering to a rapidly growing, multi-cultural / U. S. Caribbean market has developed a patented new mobile digital radio receiver The One™ radio.

In advance of its 2011 nationwide marketing campaign, Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. has updated its web content to feature The One™ digital radio receiver with direct links to its expanding roster of affiliate stations, kicking off with programming from Haiti and Jamaica.

By clicking on the country’s flag, those with an enabled media player will link to either ‘The Heartbeat of The Caribbean’ or Jamaica broadcasting news, music and local culture.

“Even with these first two stations, one instantly gets the flavor of The One™ radio’s potential impact in expanding our interconnectedness to those we share our global home with,” says Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. President, Patrick Greenish.

With recent events in Haiti loved ones in The United States can stay connected to their families, with the ability to receive local, regional and national emergency broadcast warnings.

Specific national emergency and weather broadcasts can be customized to those localized areas, allowing The One™ users advanced warning of pending climate extremes, natural disasters and potential terrorist threats. This provides additional time to take appropriate actions and has the potential to include the best evacuation routes.

They bridge the generations, from hip youth culture forging new expressions of Americana, to their grandparents who are the custodians of great worldwide traditions. These markets are largely excluded from today’s commercial broadcasters. Ludwig Enterprises is helping to harmonizing all ages and cultures as they add to America’s rich treasure of diversity.

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