National Caribbean-Owned Company offers solutions to Personal Injury Patients

injured in a car accident

[FT. LAUDERDALE] – If you were injured in a car crash, what would you do and where would you turn to for help? This is a scary question that most of us would rather not have to answer. But for more than 227,000 Florida residents that nightmare became a reality in 2004. According to the latest figures from the Florida State Department of Transportation.

That’s why INJURY NETWORK, a Caribbean-owned company offering personal injury victims free access to the resources necessary to take their cases from beginning to end, is especially beneficial to the South Florida community. It is owned and operated by Grenada native Anne Gelvin. She empathizes with accident victims, having experienced the hardship firsthand in 1995.

“My husband was injured in a work related accident and I saw how the injury took its toll on his quality of life and our finances,” says Gelvin. “Even though his case was approved, it was almost impossible to get him the necessary help through the present channels for workers compensation.”

Gelvin, an advertising veteran who’d previously help build legal and medical practices in more than 35 markets throughout the U.S.  As a result, she used her contacts to gain her husband access to the levels of care that he needed and deserved. Now Anne is doing the same for others facing similar situations. “From beginning to end, every step of the way. We put you in touch with the most experienced professionals in handling workers compensation and personal injury situations,” says Gelvin.

Helping Victims

The Injury Network is freely accessible to injury victims by way of the toll-free number (888) 300-8926. Experienced operators are standing by to route callers to all parties necessary for resolving their case from start to finish; the service even offers cash advances. “We know many people experience financial setbacks during the course of an accident. As a result, they must wait from six months to a year to recover those damages,” says Gelvin. “In addition to helping them get the maximum value for their case, we assist in getting patients cash advances up front, without compromising their settlement.”

The Injury Network is based in Los Angeles, but operates in more than 15 different markets throughout the United States. The company began offering services in South Florida this month, with a strong focus on Gelvin’s community – the Caribbean community.

“Many West Indians may not know the process or the steps necessary to help themselves in the event of an accident. They need to know that assistance is readily available and accessible to them,” says Gelvin. “It’s a situation we hope they never have to think about. But, when they do, INJURY NETWORK walks them through every step of the way.”

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