British-Jamaican Reggae Musician Dandy Livingstone is a Legend

British-Jamaican Reggae Musician Dandy Livingstone is a Legend
Dandy Livingstone

by Howard Campbell

KINGSTON, Jamaica – At 76 when most artists are long retired and have little time for recording, Dandy Livingstone still has the interest and energy to create new music.
A pioneer of the British reggae scene, Livingstone released “They Call us Legends in July on his Par Three Music label. The 14-song album is his first in over 40 years.
The jocular Livingstone is a successful businessman who lives in Kingston, the Jamaica capital. He enjoyed the recording sessions with producer Paul “Computer Paul” Henton, but stated he was under no pressure to deliver a hit record.
“I wouldn’t say I am excited about the project, I am too old for excitement! But seriously, I am pleased,” he said.
They Call us Legends contains the title song which was released in 2019, as well as Rootsman Party and Standing up For The Rhythm both of which feature U Roy.
Livingstone also puts a fresh spin on Suzanne Beware Of The Devil, a big hit for him in the United Kingdom in 1972. He covers Double Barrel, originally done by Dave Barker and Ansell Collins in 1971 when it made the UK national chart.
Because of vinyl’s growing popularity, especially in the UK, a limited amount of They Call us Legends was released in that country.
In 1959, 15 year-old Robert Thompson (his real name) left Kingston for the UK where he quickly got immersed in a music scene receptive to ska, a jazzy beat that was the rage in Jamaica.
Rudie, A Message to You, released in 1967, was his breakthrough song. Five years later, he was in the UK pop table with Suzanne Beware of The Devil.
These days, Livingstone takes it easy playing golf but, bitten by the music bug last year, he began working with Henton on his comeback album.
He is quick to tell anyone that his days of chasing glory are long over.
“I am very satisfied with my career….give thanks and praise,” Livingstone said.

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