Breast Cancer Survivor, Kim Anderson Credits “Faith and Family”

Faith, supportive family help Anderson through three bouts with breast cancer

By: Dennis Richardson

SOUTH FLORIDA – Kim Anderson has been diagnosed with breast cancer three times in approximately 10 years, the first time just two weeks after her 30th birthday.

Each time, the Pompano Beach resident says, she has “depended on my faith in the Lord to get me through these bouts with cancer.”  “I am a devout Christian. Therefore, I leaned heavily on my faith. I read my Bible and meditated on the promises of God about healing. I believed cancer was no match for the Lord, and He answered my prayers.”

The first time she was diagnosed, Anderson recalls, she chose to have a bilateral mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. The second time, she  had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After the third diagnosis, Anderson completed radiation treatment only.

Kim Anderson Photo Credit: Little’s Photography
Kim Anderson
Photo Credit: Little’s Photography

“I was always very aggressive in my treatment plans,” she explains. “During the six years between my first and second diagnosis, I was blessed to have my son Daniel and fought hard to live for him. In addition to traditional treatments, I became a vegan after learning the health benefits of a plant-based diet.”

Following her second breast cancer diagnosis, Anderson was treated at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. “The nurses that cared for me were incredibly compassionate and professional. I was very well cared for during my treatments.”

Besides her faith, Anderson drew strength from a supportive family. “My husband and sister were especially helpful,” she notes. “Immediately after my mastectomy, I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head. My husband and sister helped with chores, prepared meals, drove me to doctor’s appointments and overall served as a great support base.”
Going through three battles with cancer has made Anderson “exceptionally perseverant.”

“The first time I was diagnosed, I will never forget a kind and compassionate nurse who came to my aid that day,” Anderson recalls. “She said that this diagnosis is like taking a walk in the woods, and while you are walking, a tree falls in front of you. You don’t stop walking; you just climb over the fallen tree and continue on your journey. I made the decision to view cancer as a minor disturbance, and I would get through it and continue with my life.”

“Through my three trials with breast cancer,” she continues, “I have learned that this disease is not a death sentence. In fact, many women live for decades with metastatic disease. I have not allowed cancer to define my life. It is only a chapter in the story of my life.”

Her battles with cancer have made her even more committed to her faith and “I have made family a priority. My husband and I have regular date nights, and my son and I chat every night before we pray together and I tuck him in for bed.”

For anyone who recently has been diagnosed with or is being treated for breast cancer, Anderson advises them to “draw close to God in prayer, and find comfort in the Scriptures. Also, stay positive. The battle begins in your mind and the mind is a powerful tool in the battle with cancer. Third, draw strength from your family and friends, and be your own health advocate.”

Due to Sylvester being a research hospital, Dr. Mohammad Jahanzeb was able to get me on a clinical trial which was not available at the time at the other providers.

Kim Anderson a Jamaican National is The CEO of The Office Cart

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