Best Products and Brands to Try In 2021

Best Products and Brands to Try In 2021

There are so many great brands and products out there that it’s easy sometimes to get buried in all the noise and end up choosing something that is merely convenient rather than the best. That’s why curated collections, like the items in this list, come in to help you decide what you should try in 2021. Here are some of our favorite hot, new products.

Something You’ll Love

SkyFloat offers a hands-free way to tablet. Or, in other cases, to hold your phone. Whether you want to use your tablet over your bath, stick a phone holder over your bed, or anywhere else in your home, the SkyFloat offers a versatile solution that will make you feel like you’re in the Jetsons.

Your Wellness

From CBD to Gua Sha stones, Bawdy Beauty has a unique line of health and wellness products that blend ancient wisdom with modern science. Check out Bawdy’s offerings if you are trying to look and feel your best.

Unbelievable Sound

For music lovers and audiophiles of all sorts, Auris is your new favorite brand. If you want better sound around your home (or just in your ear) you must try Auris. Auris is simplifying and perfecting audio.

Project Your Way Into the Future

Many tech experts agree that projectors and projection-based products are the wave of the future. Being able to turn any surface into a TV monitor, computer screen, or just as a way to present your next PowerPoint is an incredible opportunity. The HACHI INFINITE M1 is an especially impressive product that tech-junkies will love.

Natural Skincare

It’s a small wonder that the world took so long to appreciate the importance of using natural skincare products. Today, savvy consumers look at product labels to see if the can recognize (or even pronounce) the ingredients they are seeing. If not, they keep moving. This is a beneficial development, one that quality brands like Gleamin which use quality ingredients in their products are happy about.

Cool, High-Tech Backpacks

Cool, high-tech backpacks make a fantastic gift for the technology lover in your life. Whether they need it for school or work, how you carry around your electronics matters more than you think. The Konnect-i Slim Backpack by Samsonite is a great option.

Vegan Haircare

VoCe Haircare offers vegan haircare products which are (of course) great for vegans or others who practice similar lifestyles, but VoCe is not just for vegans. It’s for anyone who wants to use clean, natural products that cleanse and nourish their hair rather than strip it of it’s natural beauty.

Your Favorite Cracker

It’s easy to think about buying organic when you are in the grocery store getting “big ticket” items like chicken, or steak, or even eggs and milk. But what about your snacks? If you are trying to be healthy, you have to look at your diet in a wholistic way. That means not only your meat and dairy, but also your fruits, vegetables, condiments, and, of course, your snacks. This is where organic crackers from Moonshot come in to save the day. Moonshot’s products are delicious, taste good, and they are good for you!

Your Respiratory Health

COVID has shined new light on the importance of respiratory health. Not just when it comes to preventing infection, but also in your everyday life the air you breath matters! That’s why it’s good to look into brands like Everlasting Comfort which specialize in humidifiers that will improve any room you put them in.

A Decadent Treat

When people think keto they don’t often consider luxury. But the fact is that Keto caviar is an emerging trend as caviar actually turns out to be a fantastic keto option. Aside from tasting great, and being delivered straight to your door the keto caviar from Imperia Caviar are a great choice because the company uses only the best, highest-quality ingredients.

Where Spirituality Meets Wellness

Conscious Items has a wide variety of spiritual and wellness products that are perfect for yogis, fitness fanatics, and everyone interested in health and wellness in-between. Check out Conscious Items crystals, energy lamps, and anti-anxiety bracelets.

You Are What You Eat

The old adage that “you are what you eat” is true! What it means is that what you eat impacts how you feel, and how you feel impacts the decisions you make, and the decisions you make impact who you are. When you think about it that way, it suddenly becomes much more important to ensure your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs. One such nutrient is fiber. Many people, unfortunately, are not naturally getting enough fiber in their diets. Thankfully, GoBiotix can help you with it’s premium line of fiber supplements and other digestive-system-focused products.

Relieve Chronic Pain and Anxiety

CBD is a great solution for those with chronic pain as well as for anyone who needs help relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day. Because Market has range of CBD-based and other products that you will enjoy.

All the Latest

While not a product company, RapTV does offer cool music-industry news for those looking to add a bit of fun and entertainment into their daily schedule.

The New Thing

LadyBoxers from Culprit Underwear are the best of both worlds. They are sexy but comfortable – finally offering women all the comfort men have enjoyed in the underwear game for decades.

Meal Delivery

Thistle has an incredible, globally-inspired menu that delivers food straight to your doorstep. Supefoods, vegan options, and more. If a truly healthy meal-delivery service is what you’re looking for, then Thistle is the answer.

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? The problem, though, with many at-home whiteners is that they simply don’t work. Those that do, often are so harsh that they leave your mouth sensitive so that even a sip of water feels like biting into an ice cube. Dr. Brite combines the best of both worlds. They carry effective teeth-whitening products that will not create over-sensitivity.

For the Patriotic Consumer

USAMM has incredibly high-quality armed forces products from military medals to shadow boxes and dog tags. This is a fantastic gift option for military friends or family members.

Your New Favorite Drink

Bev sparkling wine is like nothing you’ve ever tried. Truly, the product will change what you think of when you think “wine in a can.” The product is delicious – try something new in 2021 and give it a sip!

A Taste of Chengdu

If you’ve never had authentic Sichuan sauce you are truly missing out. Fly By Jing’s all-natural Sichuan sauce is a truly delicious addition to all kinds of dishes. You can use it in your cooking, as a dipping sauce, or just spread it onto a basic slice of people to bring it to that next level. Seriously, you’ve got to try this stuff.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Magnetic lashes from MoxieLash stay on all day and can be applied in a matter of seconds. You no longer have to choose between beautiful lashes and not enough time. Check out all of MoxieLash’s best designs.

Start Your Day Right

Who doesn’t want a delicious, healthy breakfast? The problem, though, is time. It takes time to cook and shop and eat and all that. Over Easy breakfast bar offers a solution. With high-quality ingredients designed to fuel you and keep you full throughout the mornings, Over Easy is a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their daily routine.


There you have it, some of the best products and brands you should try in 2021. If you like your current products, sure of course stick with them! But if there is anything in your life that is not ideal or does not feel optimized – don’t hesitate! Look for a better replacement because, with so many great emerging brands, a better option is certainly out there.


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